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Does Proper Education On Pros And Cons Of Neonatal Circumcision Help Parents Make A Better Decision On The Procedure - Research Paper Example

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Does Proper Education on Pros and Cons of Neonatal Circumcision Help Parents Make a Better Decision on the Procedure? [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Problem/Question Statement Many parents often wonder whether it is advisable to circumcise their new born male babies or not…
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Does Proper Education On Pros And Cons Of Neonatal Circumcision Help Parents Make A Better Decision On The Procedure
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Extract of sample "Does Proper Education On Pros And Cons Of Neonatal Circumcision Help Parents Make A Better Decision On The Procedure"

Download file to see previous pages In the United States, more than half of newborn male babies are circumcised although the numbers have been dwindling in current times (Androus, 2011). Notably, there are no religious or medical reasons compelling the parents who circumcise their male babies to do so, implying these circumcisions are nonmedical and non-religious. Whether there should be educational programs guide parents on neonatal circumcision and its benefits and cons has been the subject of heated debates in the health sector and the public sphere for quite some time pitting the opponents and the proponents of education on neonatal circumcision against each other. While some support neonatal circumcision as good for newborns’ health, others oppose it, making parents even more confused about the procedure. They hence make decisions on neonatal circumcision based on what their friends and relatives feel, think, and say. That is, their decision is not influenced by well-informed expert opinion; rather, it is the emotionality with which their friends and relatives advise them that determines their decision (Aston, 2002). For parents to have a good understanding and perception of neonatal circumcision and its pros and cons and to make the right decisions, education and other awareness programs are highly recommended (Aston, 2002). That neonatal circumcision has become a rather controversial and fiercely debated health and social issue is evident in the many literary works that research and publish on neonatal circumcision. Literature Review A quick review of literatures available on neonatal circumcision and circumcision in general reveals that both the pros and cons of neonatal circumcision have been covered in equal measures. Specifically, a lot of literatures covering the pros and cons of neonatal circumcision touch on its health care implications. There are several advantages newborn male babies and their parents could derive from neonatal circumcision. First, neonatal circumcision is an easier procedure compared to later life circumcision since the circumcised penis is allegedly easier to care for in early stages of growth and development. Second, circumcised babies report less incidences of urinary tract infections compared to uncircumcised children. The other general benefits of circumcised penis are greater extent of protection against sexually-transmitted diseases, penile cancer, and future complications such as failure to retract the foreskin and tight foreskin (Cheng et al., 2006). Literatures also cover the cons of neonatal circumcision for which mothers should not circumcise newborn babies. These disadvantages include infections, excessive bleeding during the procedure, and accidental snipping of the glans or disproportional cutting of the foreskin so that it becomes either quite long or short. There could also be complications such as penile adhesions, scars, and tags that may necessitate surgery in future. Newborn male babies may also react adversely to anesthetic medications used in neonatal circumcision procedures. Removing the foreskin could also make these babies’ private parts prone to stresses and friction as the glans would not be shielded from friction from clothing and kept moist and sensitive (Cheng et al., 2006). As mentioned earlier, opinions vary on the pros and cons of neonatal circumcision and it is imperative that parents seek divergent opinions on the matter before authorizing its performance on their newborns (Cheng et al., 20 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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