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Future Innovative Design in Virgin Galatic - Case Study Example

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Virgin Galactic is part of Virgin group of companies. This company was founded in the year 2004 and since that time it has been planning on rendering the unique services of offering spaceflights for the public that has the willingness along with the purchasing power to travel through this experience of space flights…
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Future Innovative Design in Virgin Galatic
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Download file to see previous pages Virgin has been associated with change and innovative idea, during this era of design and innovation manufacturers are experimenting with technology and introducing new services and creating opportunities for themselves. It has one of the successful space tourism groups in the industry and also the first one of its kind. Virgin is a large group therefore this organization has got access to more funds and tools to research and therefore they are able to come up with great creativity. They are trying to explore the satellite business through their efforts of launching satellite based services and science missions along with the idea of passenger flights which is expected to come as a successful venture in the space industry (Aaker, 2008).
The world has become a place of complexity and unpredictability therefore businesses need to be very careful and in order to sustain the competition, they constantly need to update themselves and cope up with the changing needs and wants of the consumers. Therefore design has become an excellent tool to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the industry. Due to the importance of this subject and its relevance in the business set up and functioning there are various researches and studies that have been done.
Design - Inspired In...
e on the need for firms in UK to incorporate design in their work in order to differentiate themselves by other nations and other organizations and compete on factors other than price, this is called the differentiation strategy. Designing is a creative experience altogether where one has to think out of the box. There are companies all around the globe that have long history of success and innovative designs such as Apple which is the king of innovation in the industry, then there is Toyota Motor Corp which has constantly shown evidence of efficiency in the manufacturing while Procter & Gamble has adopted an open house innovative strategy.
Virgin got a strong backing on the decision on using UK as a base for its launch plan. Currently the contribution of the UK space industry towards their economy is 6.5 billion pounds and it is providing employment to around 68000 employees which is significantly a large figure. The economy is hoping to achieve success in this sector in the near future and a 5% growth rate each year by 2020 which will help the space industry to come out of its recession and it is said that the space industry is probably one of the success stories of UK currently. Therefore knowing the potential in the industry Virgin Galactic has portrayed itself an example of excellence in ideas, modernization and development (Bennett & Craun, 2008).
The company wants to give their consumers a memorable experience along with safety which is an integral part of the entire manufacturing at the same time. Initially people didn't believe that this idea will be implemented and that soon Virgin is going to launch its airplane for commercial purpose as it surprised all of them when they gave a first look of their new Space Ship two's planes it took them two years to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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