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This essay has examined the technology of the future. In these regards, technological advancements in the realms of computer, robotic, communication, transportation, space, energy, and medicine have been examined. …
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Technology of the future
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Download file to see previous pages Another such implementation will occur in terms of spray-on nano computers. This technology will function as miniscule robots will be sprayed onto the chests of patients. These robots will then be able to record the patient’s health and allow doctors to monitor patients with specific areas of concern. Other prominent computer technology is understood to emerge in terms of quantum computers and artificial intelligence. In these regards, it’s noted that, “A quantum computer uses quantum mechanical phenomena, such as entanglement and superposition to process data. Quantum computation aims to use the quantum properties of particles to represent and structure data” (Herzog). While quantum technology has already been implemented in a variety of computers, future contexts will be able to implement this technology to much greater extremes. In these regards future quantum technology will allow for the running of a myriad of simulations that will revolutionize the ways that agencies and institutions approach a variety of concerns. In addition such quantum technology can be utilized in processes such as cryptography, modeling and indexing large databases. Artificial intelligence is also believed to have great future potential. While the potential for future artificial intelligence is truly endless researchers have identified a number of specific areas of future development. One of the prominent areas includes gaming technology. Currently artificial intelligence is implemented prominently in a variety of gaming technological devices, both recreationally, as well as for real-world civil and military simulations (Brockman). Future technological contexts will witness...
The paper tells that the late 20th century and early 21st century have witnessed rapid progress in terms of computer technology. While significant development has occurred in previous decades it’s clear that substantial change await future contexts. Some of the most prominent areas of development are believed to occur in terms of nanotechnology. There is a broad variety of communication technology that will be implemented in future contexts. Still, a number of notable future communication technologies are currently being developed. In these regards, technology is being developed wherein stolen cell-phones or computers will be able to map the walking habits of the use. Some of the most prominent such changes will occur through reductions in emissions. In terms of alternative energy sources, currently hybrid and electric technology has emerged. Still the most prominent future alternative energy source is argued to be hydrogen fuel cells. The potentials of space technology are a large and well-considered topic. In terms of some of the most sensational and romantic areas of potential future technological advancement include commercial space flights. Currently Virgin Airline CEO Sir Richard Branson has developed Virgin Galactic as a means of developing such commercial transportation. The revolutionary device of the gene chip is regarded one of the most important future benefits of the human genome project. Scientists will be able to utilize this chip to identify specific areas of genetic distress; the chip lights up and indicates these areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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