Disccuss Mary Cassatt's The CHild's Bath 1893 in terms of one or two ideas - Essay Example

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Mary Cassatt was born on May 22nd 1844 and died June 14th 1965. Though an American painter and print-maker she spent much of her life in France. The Child Bath uses the medium of oil painted on a canvas by Cassatt. She started in 1891 and finished it in 1893 (Hilukka 2009)…
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Disccuss Mary Cassatts The CHilds Bath 1893 in terms of one or two ideas
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Download file to see previous pages Also, Cassett shows her interest in Japanese woodblock print which is evident in this picture.
The painting of a Child Bath is based on a mother cleaning a little child's feet in a tub of water (Art Institute of Chicago). The walls behind this cozy scene are covered in a wall paper decorated with a flowery pattern. The floor appears to be a carpet of some sort: designed intricately with flowers placed inside boxes. A jug is placed to the right side of the painting. The mother is fully dressed in a long gown and has a child placed on her knee. The child is looking down and is clothed with a single white cloth. The artist has used very vibrant colors in this painting. There are no shadows and there is a very bold brushwork used by the artist. She uses an asymmetrical style (Art Access).The shape of the woman and child's head, the basin and the pitcher are circular. The image also has a symmetrical striped pattern. Thus, the entire painting is in perfect asymmetrical form. This, along with Cassatt's decision to paint from an unusual position: above.
Adler speaks of how to think about art in his book. In an interview with Luckman he claims art to be a technique which uses skill or expert to produce a piece. This is exactly what Cassatt uses in her work, technique to produce a perfect painting.
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