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The Kingdom of Siam and Its Buffer State Status between British Burma and French Indochina - Term Paper Example

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The author concludes that Siam succeeded in diplomatically securing its rule from the European powers – Britain and France by signing a treaty wherein Kelantan, Terengganu besides Kedah and Perlis on the west coast were exchanged through a barter deal of ensuring Siam’s sovereignty. …
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The Kingdom of Siam and Its Buffer State Status between British Burma and French Indochina
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Extract of sample "The Kingdom of Siam and Its Buffer State Status between British Burma and French Indochina"

Download file to see previous pages The British gained extraterritorial rights and Siam also changed some tariffs to suit the British trade. It affected the monopoly of the Royal Treasury in the sale of rice, which did not exist anymore. Such trade and business treaties were made by Siam with other western countries. Such advances in progressing businesses with outside forces made Siam economically strong and prosperous (Thailand History 2008).
In earlier history, General Chakkri, the founder of Chakkri dynasty, known as Rama I, ruled Siam till 1809. Siam entered into trade treaties with Great Britain (1826) and the United States (1833). Later, Siam’s physical boundaries came under threat with Great Britain intruding into Burma and Malaya and France establishing its rule in Indochina.
Siam treaded on the diplomatic path of developing good trade and business relations with both Britain and France by different means; it opened its ports for European trade, inviting Western advisers and playing its diplomatic cards provoking a clash of interests between Britain and France. The purpose behind was not to let the European powers succeed in colonizing Siam as they have succeeded in neighboring countries like Burma and Indochina. Even then Siam had to compromise when the physical boundaries were identified, forsaking its stake to Laos (1893) and parts of Cambodia (1907) to France and of its dominion over Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, and Terengganu (1909), on the Malay Peninsula to Britain (Thailand 2010). The compromising with the dominion lands to European powers making aggressive moves in Southeast Asia had put Siam on the back foot. France took minor issues as an excuse to raise disputes with Siam. In 1893, the French warships encircled the Gulf of Siam. This time, Siam had to compromise its areas to the north and east of the Mekong River, and some parts of Cambodia.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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