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“The sculpture portrays the first president seated, draped in a toga with his chest exposed” (George Washington’s Mount Vernon 2014)…
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State house statue
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George Washington’s Statue George Washington’s statue is a sculpture that was sculptured by Horatio Greenough in 1840 after receiving an order from the congress. “The sculpture portrays the first president seated, draped in a toga with his chest exposed” (George Washington’s Mount Vernon 2014). The right hand of the sculpture stretches upwards whereas the left hand extends outwards as if offering a sword, signifying the military power of Washington during the start of the revolution. The main reason for sculpturing Washington’s statue was to commemorate his birth that took place in 1732. This is evidenced by not only the exposed chest, but also possession of a sword. In most occasions, the exposure of a man’s chest signifies an individual’s strength and boldness. On the other hand, possession of a sword is an indication of military participation of an individual. Thus, Washington played a significant role towards the close of the revolution.
Although the congress was entitled to commemorate the first president of America, the statue was not designed in the right way. For instance, the sitting of Washington on a golden like seat portrays a bad picture to religious practices. To some extent, it is an indication of how Americans adore idols. Additionally, a half naked statue portrays a bad picture to the society; according to most societies, it is unethical for any person to expose private body parts. On the other hand, Washington’s possession of a sword is a sign of how he valued wars. From his offering of the sword, it is evident that Washington contributed towards the loss of many lives during his tenure as the president of America. From this, it is evident that the design of the statue does not honor Washington correctly. However, Washington deserves honor for not only being the first president of America, but also because of his contributions towards the success of the American Revolution.
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George Washington’s Mount Vernon 2014. Web. 25 April 2014. Read More
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State House Statue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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