Choose one state in the United Sates compare with PA and answer the following questions. STATE :(CONNECTICUT ) - Essay Example

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Besides sharing the same general climate, the states of Pennsylvania and Connecticut are quite dissimilar. For instance, the state of Connecticut has an overall population, according to 12 figures, of 3.59 million individuals. By comparison, the state of Pennsylvania has an overall population of 12.7 9 million individuals…
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Choose one state in the United Sates compare with PA and answer the following questions. STATE :(CONNECTICUT )
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Besides sharing the same general climate, the s of Pennsylvania and Connecticut are quite dissimilar. For instance, the of Connecticut has an overall population, according to 12 figures, of 3.59 million individuals. By comparison, the state of Pennsylvania has an overall population of 12.7 9 million individuals. Naturally, the smaller population of Connecticut can be expected due to the fact that it is much smaller and overall geographic size. However, the overall population density of Connecticut is much higher than the average overall population density within the state of Pennsylvania. Another level of dissimilarity that exists between these two states is with respect to the average salary for capital. Within the state of Connecticut, the average salary is in excess of $58,000 a year (Yousey-Hindes et al 1786). However, the average salary within the state of Pennsylvania is only just above $43,000 year; representing a $15,000 a year differential (Robinson 49). Similarly, the largest city within Pennsylvania, as one might expect, is Philadelphia; the capital. However, Hartford, the capital of Connecticut is quite small as compared to the total population of Bridgeport; the most populous city in Connecticut. As a result of the research that was performed, one of the more interesting factors that were noted was the fact that within Connecticut, the majority of the population density is evidenced near the border with New York State; the rest of the state is relatively sparsely populated. This is very much comparable to the way in which the majority of rural Pennsylvania exists. Seeking to answer how the entire state seeks to protect its biodiversity and live within the “carrying capacity” of the earth is a difficult question to answer due to the fact that almost each and every region within the state, every town, borough, and community has a somewhat different approach to the way in which waste is treated and disposed of. The larger cities within Connecticut necessarily have a much more effective policy of institutionalized waste disposal. This is of course in comparison to the way in which the smaller regions oftentimes do not have recycling programs and waste proceeds directly to landfills. However, all of this information aside, the state of Connecticut does have a rather resilient state conservation and native species protection office/branch of state government. This is known as the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Moreover, the state has a long history of seeking to extend a degree of protection to the many state parks and natural areas that exist within its borders. This is of course facilitated by the fact that the state is mostly rural outside of the major population centers in the south and center of the state (Blia 648). One of the biggest changes that could of course be made with regards to seeking to preserve the environment to a more full and the degree is with respect to the way in which coastal areas are continuing to be destroyed in the interests of building further houses and developments directly on the shoreline. Natural areas along the East Coast, not just within Connecticut, have long been the target of developments due to the high property value they necessarily entail. However, a more actionable form of defense for these areas and firm regulations regarding who is allowed to build, when, how large, and where is necessitated in order to protect the environment of the coastal regions to a more full and the degree. One of the aspects of environmental preservation and sustainable habitat that Connecticut, as well as a number of states are facing, is with regards to the inpatient aquatic species that are beginning to be exhibited throughout the rivers, streams, lakes, and waterways within the state (Meryl 29). Invasive aquatic species are ultimately brought in from other regions, oftentimes even outside the United States, and transmitted to the pristine environments within the United States via improperly cleaned propellers and/or other complementary within a motorboat. As these invasive aquatic species are transferred from one place to another, they continue to spread and challenge the sustainability and viability of extent species within the region. This is of course reference with regards to the way in which the invasive species threatened to wipe out the food supply for any number of existing species within a given region. The wise use and protection of existing species is only one of the ways in which both of these states can seek to bequeath to posterity a verdant and exuberant natural landscape to be enjoyed by many in the coming years. Works Cited BLIA YANG, et al. "Invasive Plants In Wildlife Refuges: Coordinated Research With Undergraduate Ecology Courses." Bioscience 63.8 (2013): 644-656. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Oct. 2013. Meryl H. Karol, et al. "Community Urbanization. (Cover Story)." Journal Of Environmental Health 68.8 (2006): 26-32. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Oct. 2013. Robinson, D. "Wage Rates, Wage Income And Wages Policy." Bulletin Of The Oxford University Institute Of Economics & Statistics 25.1 (2012): 47-76. Business Source Complete. Web. 3 Oct. 2013. Yousey-Hindes, Kimberly, M., and James, L. Hadler. "Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status." American Journal Of Public Health 101.9 (2011): 1785-1789.CINAHL Complete. Web. 3 Oct. 2013. Read More
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