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The American Revolution - Discussion Question Only - Essay Example

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The Trail of Tears was the US Governments forced removal of the Eastern Tribe of the Cherokee Nation from its native lands in the Southeast to lands west of the Mississippi. The action came as a result of provisions of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which exchanged Indian lands in the east for land west of the Mississippi and cash…
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The American Revolution - Discussion Question Only
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Discussion Questions What was the trail of Tears The Trail of Tears was the US Governments forced removal of the Eastern Tribe of the Cherokee Nation from its native lands in the Southeast to lands west of the Mississippi. The action came as a result of provisions of the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which exchanged Indian lands in the east for land west of the Mississippi and cash. These actions were taken after treaties were signed out of intimidation and deception. The land in the east had become a valuable commodity after increased pressure from settlers sought territory to establish new settlements. Through 1835-1836, the US government sought to enforce the treaties which the Cherokees viewed as illegal. In 1838, President Andrew Jackson sent federal troops to enforce the treaty and evict the Indians from their native lands.
The resulting march to the west became known as the Trail of Tears. Approximately 17,000 Native Americans were put on a forced march westward. The conditions were severe and it is estimated that over 5,000 tribal members died as a direct result of the march. Most of the deaths occurred due to disease, famine, and the hardships encountered by exposure to the elements on the lengthy forced march.
Why do states start being admitted to the union two-by-two
The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 all failed to deal directly with the issue of slavery. By 1820 there were 11 free states that believed in a strong union government. There were also 11 slave holding states that believed in states rights and one of those rights was the right to maintain slavery. The Compromise of 1820 allowed Missouri and Maine to be admitted to the Union and thus maintained the balance of free and slave states. This instituted the two-by-two method of admitting states and resulted in the pairings of Arkansas and Michigan, Florida and Texas, and Iowa and Wisconsin.
For the next 30 years, the government worked to allow admission on a two-by-two basis and maintain this balance. This approach worked throughout this period, but would ultimately create deep divisions in the nation. The unpopular Compromise of 1850, would sow the seeds of future turmoil and force the federal government to take a stand on the slavery issue. However, by this time the sides were polarized, strengthened by years of accommodation, well organized, and resistant to change by the federal government.
What happened on July 4, 1826
July 4, 1826 was to be a widely held celebration of our nation's 50th anniversary. Two of the greatest architects of our constitution, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, were to attend lavish celebrations to commemorate the event. However, in an unusual twist of fate both men died on that day. Though they had significant political differences, they were united as major forces behind the American Revolution, and in fact it's been reported that Adams' last words included a reference to Jefferson. While on his deathbed, Jefferson is reported to have asked, "Is it the fourth".
Brinkly, A. (2006). The Unfinished nation: A concise history of the American people (4th ed.). Columbus, OH: McGraw Hill.
Trail of tears (2006, October 25). Retrieved November 23, 2006, from Read More
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