Americans Are from Mars and Europeans Are from Venus - Essay Example

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Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus Introduction Geographically, it is known that there are six major continents on earth; with the two American continents, coming together to form the Americas. Each of these continents presents itsself with a relatively unique feature among its populace and system of operations such that it makes it possible to identify a person by his or her continent even without having much background information about the person…
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Americans Are from Mars and Europeans Are from Venus
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"Americans Are from Mars and Europeans Are from Venus"

Download file to see previous pages In fact, the factors that create the sort of distinctions talked about are varied and different. However, geopolitical differences stand out as one of the most exceptional factors to consider when comparing various continents. This is because various continents have held themselves up with different and highly distinctive geopolitics over the years. It can be seen for instance that when describing a Black American and a typical African, there may be very little biological distinctions to make but the geopolitics of the various continents these two people live on would make a lot of difference in distinguishing one from the other. In this essay, therefore, the difference that exists between Europeans and Americans from a geopolitics point of view is critically analyzed. Background to Geopolitics From a broader perspective, geopolitics is a relational terminology that correlates politics with territory. This is to say that it deals with how group of people in a particular or given place go about their politicking based on factors that has to do with their geographic location. In this regard, the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies (2012) notes that “the term geopolitics reflects the connection between power and interests, strategic decision-making, and geographic space.” Geopolitics, therefore, has to do with systems that consolidate “interplay of natural resources, strategic dominance and geographic space on one hand, and the various state and non-state actors pursuing individual as well as collective interests on the other” (Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, 2012). In making their geopolitics stand out, therefore, it is expected that a particular continent or identity of people would take strategic decisions that encompass a reflection of their beliefs and interests in relation to where they find themselves geographically. There is no denying the fact that when mention is made of powerful countries; a lot of attention is given to the political influence of that country in relation to other nations in question. It is for this reason that countries and in some cases a collection of nations (continents) take decisions that give them consolidated and robust political standing in the midst of other nations. Taking such decisions, however, ought to be based on geographic variables that includes geographic location, topography, size, population, climate, technological developments, as well as availability of resources – both natural and artificial (Evans and Newnham, 1998). Major geopolitical differences The major geopolitical differences that exist among different people of the world, particularly between Americans and Europeans, have taken a lot of intellectual and contextual twist over the years. The differences in geopolitics have become common agenda for debate at various platforms of academic practice, as well as global institutional seminars, conferences and meetings. The reason for this turn of event is very simple and has been explained by the SPIA Research (2011) that since political theory is constantly in flux and geographical theory is also in flux, there will always be intellectual and contextual challenges that Geopolitics must address. As far as the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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