The Not-So-Wonderful World of Euro Disney - Case Study Example

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Disney's management was quite surprised that EuroDisney's first year was not successful and had performed poorly during its first year in operation. There were many factors that contributed to this. The hotels were overpriced so many families did not stay overnight as they do at the other Disney parks…
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The Not-So-Wonderful World of Euro Disney
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Download file to see previous pages The company said these efforts led to "a substantial increase" in attendance and hotel occupancy, and to a 17% rise in operating revenue" (Cateora, P. and Graham, J., p. 614.)
Another factor that contributed to the park's unsuccessful year was that transatlantic airfare wars and currency movements led to visits to Orlando's Disneyworld being less expensive than going to Paris. The weather in Florida was sunny and the beaches are nearby. The saw EuroDisney as another form of American imperialism, or an extension of the American Empire. "American Empire is a term relating to the political, economic, military and cultural influence of the United States," explains Wikipedia (2008).
The factors that played into the unsuccessful first year could have been foreseen somewhat easily by EuroDisney and/or the parent company. The same goes for their being able to control them. Hostility among the French had risen even as the plans were being set as it was stated earlier, that they did not want American imperialism invading their country and culture. Cateora, P. and Graham, J., p. ...
The French were upset during the early advertising because of the advertisement's focus on the size and glitz instead of the different rides and attractions. (Cateora, P. and Graham, J., p.614.) As most of us know, advertising plays a very strong role in our world today. Nowadays it seems that the only way to avoid any form of advertising is to isolate oneself and live in a cave but not all advertising is negative and bad. It is found almost everywhere
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such as just by walking on the street, driving a car, or watching TV. Ference (2004) reports, "Every surface that could possibly have an ad slapped on it -- clothing, buses, taxis, myriad walls and billboards, even the snow you ski on -- now hawks something." According to Wikipedia encyclopedia, "Advertising is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually performed by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy. ("Advertising", 2006). Companies are bombarding us with thousands of different ads with only one intention: to persuade us to buy their products. Every advertiser or company must do more than just make a product, give it an attractive price, and offer it to the consumer. They have to also communicate and promote it to their current and future customers; they have to advertise it. Advertisers appeal to the lusts, desires, and wants of the target market or potential customer. Therefore, the ability to foresee that the advertising was getting a negative response was obvious and this could have been somewhat controlled by EuroDisney and/or the parent company Disney.
Yes, advertising bombards us everywhere but it is not without control and regulation by the
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