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First, Disney Hong Kong has put a lot of emphasis on Chinese culture and has incorporated it terms of building designs, marketing strategies and also in the food served. Therefore, Disney Shanghai will seek…
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Disney case study
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Not so Wonderful World of Euro-Disney Case Study Question 7 Shanghai Disney will benefit from Disney Hong Kong in a number of ways. First, Disney Hong Kong has put a lot of emphasis on Chinese culture and has incorporated it terms of building designs, marketing strategies and also in the food served. Therefore, Disney Shanghai will seek to emulate the Chinese Culture as much as possible in designing the theme park. Secondly, the target market in Chinese is now familiar with the Disney brands, including its famous character Mickey Mouse. Thus, park attendance in Disney Shanghai is expected to be higher than The current 6million customers Hong Kong Disney has so far attracted. Thirdly, Shanghai Disney should strive to be innovative as much as possible in order to maintain and attract new customers. This means the fairytale experience should be achieved at all times to keep consumers interested and willing to explore beyond the norm.
Question 10
Fast-forward to 2020, Dubai will be the best location for the next Disney park. Besides being the largest city in the Middle East, Dubai is currently enjoying sustainable growth in all fronts, particularly the tourism industry. High-net worth individuals are visiting the city in high droves who are investing highly in the region. The region boasts a host of cultures, who are widely knowledgeable of Walt Disney and its characters. For example, majority of Disney Paris visitors is from the Arabian Gulf and visit its theme parks for a number of days (Hamid, 2013). Dubai is also easily accessible in the shortest time from other countries such As the United States, London, Hongkong, making it a leading and suitable candidate for a Disney-themed park.
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