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: Microwave Dishes - Case Study Example

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Microwave heating has become convenient especially in this era whereby most people are on the move. The microwave heating offers a quick method of warming food easily especially in planes and fast food outlets…
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Case Study: Microwave Dishes
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Extract of sample ": Microwave Dishes"

Download file to see previous pages This project seeks to investigate the key specifications that are necessary in the selection of microwave containers.
An effective microwave cooking container should have a low dielectric constant. The coupling of the container is also determined by the power factor of the material. This is because the power factor determines the dissipation of the material. The material has to be strong in order to manage the handling of loads and thin enough so as not to absorb the microwave instead of heating the food.
The containers that are used for microwave heating should have materials that are non-porous in nature. This is critical since the food that is being heated should not slip onto the surface of the microwave oven as the temperature rises. The stiffness of the material as given by the elastic limit should be able to eliminate any chance of warping as the food is being heat. If the container warps the microwave energy may be transmitted to the food and this may have detrimental effects on the health of those who consume the food. The shape of the container is also critical in the determination of appropriate microwave materials. In most cases, round and regularly shaped containers are most suitable. Containers with sharp edges tend to overheat in the corners thus leading to uneven heating of the food.
The containers used in microwave cooking should be strong enough in order to survive ordinary handling. Yet the containers should also be thin and light enough in order to minimize their weight so as to make the containers portable. One way of making the microwave containers strong is by creating contours on the bottom surface of the container. The simple flat plate can be modified to have ridges at the bottom. This minimizes the likelihood of the plate from breaking as the weight of the food in the container is evenly distributed. Also, the stiffness and strength of the microwave containers can be improved by rounding the edges.
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