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Ethics principles - Essay Example

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Ethics as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "the moral principles governing or influencing conduct." and "the branch of knowledge concerned with moral principles." (Compact Oxford Dictionary)
We as individuals makes choices everyday, choices which may or may not be in conformity with our moral beliefs and values but which do affect our life…
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Ethics principles
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Extract of sample "Ethics principles"

Download file to see previous pages Moral theorists and ethicist offer different views on this subject but they all agree that choices and actions do exemplify our social values and more importantly our code of conduct. This brings us to some very interesting questions such as how does ethics relate to code of conduct and social responsibility.
In today's world, a growing population of the working class Americans is taking greater interest in ethics and values. Most individuals link bad ethics with a person's character. Many are of the view that a few "bad apples" can spoil the social environment for the rest of the nation. Speaking of ethics, an individual who has a strong ethical background should be able to act within a code of conduct which is not just acceptable but commendable. It is from this code of conduct (that ones ethical values dictate) that the importance of social responsibility arises.
Ethics is a set of moral principles and values that we use to decide on questions regarding what is right and wrong and it is these principles that are put to the test when we make choices that affect not only individuals around us but society as whole. Most people believe that ethics is something that we learn over time and are not just born with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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