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Ethics Competency Project - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Ethics therefore involves articulation, systemizing, defending and recommending the right human conduct. Ethics offers criteria of differentiating the…
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Ethics Competency Project
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Download file to see previous pages In ethics, there are a number of theories that offers the moral principles upon which moral decisions should be based. These theories include the Utilitarian theory of ethics, the deontological theory of ethics and the virtue ethics. Each of these three theories of ethics offers the criterion and the moral principle upon which moral decisions should be based. For this reason, the ethical theory that one subscribes to determines the ethical principle upon which they will base their moral decisions. Ethical decision making therefore is the making of moral decisions based on the established theories or principles of ethics.
I personally believe that ethics is quite important in life. This is because as rational beings, human beings should be guided by the right reason in making moral decisions. Without the use of right reason in their actions and their decisions in life, human beings are likely to live in an irrational way, just like other brutes that are not endowed with reason. For this reason, human beings should use the right reason in their moral decisions. Ethics is the branch of knowledge that guides human beings in making the rational and the right decisions in life. Ethics therefore ensures that there is justice in the society, and hence order in the society. Without ethics, people are bound to live in a state of perpetual conflicts and war, due to the natural conflict for survival among human beings.
I also believe that ethics is quite important in my carrier. This is because, without using the rational and the right conduct in my professional undertakings, I am bound to violate my professional code of behaviour, which in turn will jeopardize my career. Besides, acting ethically in my career will create a good relation between me and my employers, my colleagues, and even my customers/clients. This in turn will enhance my possibility of promotion in my career. Again, as a person who loves justice and treating other human beings fairly and justly, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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