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The most importnt issues or problems in Humn Resources in the United rb Emirtes t the present time - Essay Example

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How firms mnge their humn resources is the product of wider socio-economic context. In United rb Emirtes, five key fctors hve shped nd continue to shpe HRM policies nd prctices. These re: the structure of the country's economy, the politicl environment, the structure of the lbour mrket, ntionl HRD strtegy nd ntionl culture…
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The most importnt issues or problems in Humn Resources in the United rb Emirtes t the present time
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Extract of sample "The most importnt issues or problems in Humn Resources in the United rb Emirtes t the present time"

Download file to see previous pages ccording to n estimte by the l-Iktissd Wl-ml (1997) mgzine, no less thn 95 per cent of the new jobs in the 1995-2000 period were in the privte sector. There re four interrelted resons for the privte sector's resistnce to Emirtistion.
The first fctor is lbour cost. The influx of chep foreign lbour during the pst three decdes led to the development of lbour-intensive privte sector, whose continued profitbility hinges on being given free hnd in the utilistion of foreign workers. lthough, since the mid-1990s, United rb Emirtes hs incresed the cost of the ltter by introducing compulsory helth cre for foreign workers, locl workers still re very much more expensive to hire (Fshoyin, 2000). It hs further been lleged tht locls will demnd bout six times the slry skilled foreign worker would be prepred to ccept nd 'will not work s hrd' (Fshoyin, 2000). Foreign workers from developing countries ccept reltively low slries becuse they cn still ern more thn they could ern in their home countries. Furthermore, the mjority of foreign workers re young mle bchelors nd therefore do not hve fmily to support. For locl workers, however, the high cost of living in United rb Emirtes mkes the level of wges offered by the privte sector incpble of providing n cceptble living stndrd for locl workers (tiyyh, 2003).
Second, socil nd culturl perceptions towrds...
In United rb Emirtes, the type of work, sector of employment nd socil interctions t work determine the socil sttus of the worker nd his fmily (Mellhi, 2000). Hence, workers plce gret del of importnce on the effect of their work on their socil recognition. For instnce, most of the jobs in the privte sector re mnul jobs which rb Emirtes society holds in low esteem. Even before the influx of foreign workers, these jobs were llocted to people with low socil sttus nd socil interctions with them were severely restricted. tiyyh (2003) reported tht in rb Emirtes:
For youngsters leving school the brriers ginst desirble creer pths re lmost mythicl. They will not ccept jobs s slesmen becuse this does not befit their socil sttus; they will not tke workshop jobs where there is thret of physicl dnger. Low slries re n insultthe rb Emirtesyouth hs too much pride to swllow.
The third fctor is discipline nd control. Reserch on the mngement of foreign workers in United rb Emirtes supports the view tht foreign workers re esier to control nd more disciplined thn locl workers (tiyyh, 2003). This could be result of the fct tht work permits in United rb Emirtes re often vlid for one yer nd foreign workers do not qulify for permnent residency or nturlistion, regrdless of the length of their sty, therefore employers hve few obligtions towrds foreign workers who cn be lid off nd sent home t short notice. In ddition, foreign workers hold work permits for specific occuption with specific employer nd therefore they cnnot move freely between employers or sponsor without the consent of their employer or sponsor-Kfeel. Hence, lbour turnover nd job-hopping mong foreign workers do not exist.
Tble 1: Comprison between HRM prctices for United rb Emirtes HR nd ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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