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- Emirates Academy Scholarship - Research Proposal Example

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A Proposal for the Tourism Department to Support UAE Nationals Studying at Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) and Pursuing a Career in Hospitality Overview of tourism and hotel industry in Dubai and how they are linked Dubai has increasingly been receiving a lot of tourists which has led to the growth and expansion of the hotel industry…
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Proposal - Emirates Academy Scholarship
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Extract of sample "- Emirates Academy Scholarship"

Download file to see previous pages The increase in the number of tourism has increased business for hotels and other sectors such as airlines and retail. As the tourism industry has registered increased growth, the number of hotels has also received an upward growth to the growth in the demand and number of guests in the country (Desai 28). Not only has the growth in tourism led to the growth in the number of hotels and hotels rooms in the region, it has also led to increase in prices charged by hoteliers. No. of UAE nationals in the hospitality industry in Dubai According to Stephenson (14), the number of UAE nationals working in the hospitality industry in Dubai has been increasing with time, as a survey in the hotels reflects. As the hotel business has increasingly faced growth and expansion, the number of people seeking both education and work in hotel and hospitality has also grown significantly (Jain web). Although no actual data is figuratively available to show the number of Emirati working in the hotel industry in Dubai, the situation has recorded growth over the last few years. Jumeirah international LLC maintains employment data has prioritised in facilitating and monitoring Emirati employment. In 2012, the number of Emirati employees working in Jumeirah grew from 178 to 233, while in 2013 it has reached at 226. New schemes adopted by different hotels have led to the rise in the number of Emirate nationals working in the industry. Different schemes have been adopted by different groups that have sought to increase locals seeking employment in the hotels. Generally, Emirates has been a hospitable region, with other nationals seeking employment in hotels based in Dubai. The number of working hours has been the biggest turn off so far for the Emirati seeking to be employed in the hotels (“Food Weekly News” web). Year growth (%) of UAE students intake/graduated The increase in the number of Emirati working in the hospitality industry indicates an increase in the number of students enrolling in hospitality institutions. In EAHM for example, the total number of Emirate nationals who have joined the undergraduate program is 56 since the year 2001. Similar to the high turnover rates in the jobs, the withdrawal trends in the school are also high. Up to 43% of all students who enrol for the hospitality program have been found to drop. However, more measures have been put up by the government to ensure more students enrol and complete their studies in the college and other schools of hospitality (“Al Bawaba” 1). Specialties that UAE nationals target According to the UAE National Charter 2021, the UAE nationals target champions in all the fields of the economy (“United Arab Emirates Ministry of Cabinet Affairs” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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