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Kuwait Oil Company - Case Study Example

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The Kuwait Oil Company Ltd. was established by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company which is now known as British Petroleum Company and Gulf Oil Corporation in the year 1934.The activities of the Company had extended to include exploration operations, onshore and offshore surveys, drilling of testing wells, developing of producing fields apart from exploring oil and natural gas.
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Kuwait Oil Company
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Download file to see previous pages In the year 1975, the Kuwait government took over KOC completely.
A new era began in the year 1975, December 6th with the nationalization of Kuwait's oil industry (Simon et. al 1996, pp. 1055). Kuwait started negotiations in the early 1970s in order to restore control over its own natural oil resources, in accordance with all the other Arab oil producing states. With the mutual agreements with the two original partners of the company, the shareholding of the state in Kuwait Oil Company was increased until full control was achieved by the state. An agreement was signed in the year 1975, March 5th, by the State of Kuwait and the two oil companies, British Petroleum and Gulf, giving the state complete control of its oil resources.
The accident and emergency department works all seven days a week on a twenty-four hour rotation for the treatment of all emergency cases without any delay. The doctor on-duty can seek consultation of any Specialist at any instant, whether it's during official working hours or apart from it.

This division facilitates a number of services, like:
Family Practice Services
Diabetic Services
Dermatology Services
Child Welfare Services
Family Medicine in the Medical Group is an amazing feature held inside the hospital premises. This service was initiated in early seventies i.e. fifteen years after the Hospital had been established in the form of General Practice Services.

At present, there is a team of eighteen General Practitioners +M.O. Dermatology are practicing primary health care as well as constituting the Hospital Medical Outpatient Department. These highly dedicated medical experts conduct their consultation on a daily basis from 0700 to 2200 hours, all working days. These experts are looking after a population of around hundred thousands, constituting the Oil Sector Employees and their families. They take the responsibility for taking initial decisions on each and every medical problem that can arise. The General Practitioners are always in close contact with all the specialties and hospital facilities.

The Nursing Service Division at Ahmadi Hospital, in compliance with International and Kuwait Nurses Association standards, works with the mission and function to provide an organizational structure and environment assuring the professional growth of employees, through active participation in education, continuous provision of high quality care and utilization of resources in an effective manner.

Nursing has an inevitable role in the society which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kuwait Oil Company Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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