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NutriSoil LS - Essay Example

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Gardening magazines advertise many products that claim to benefit soil health or plant growth, and nurseries, greenhouses, and flower shops stock them. NutriSoil Liquid Spray (LS) is one such product. Here, we report basic information about NutriSoil LS, investigate its claims based upon empirical data, and make a critical assessment of how whether it lives up to its expectations.
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NutriSoil LS
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Download file to see previous pages Worm leachate is extracted and packaged as NutriSoil LS in 2 liter, 5 liter, 25 liter and 1000 liter tanks. Leachate is liquid that drains from landfills.
NutriSoil LS claims it helps produce higher yield per acre and a higher rate of growth. There is scant data to support or refute these claims. One company report published represents the pseudoscientific method on which some of these claims are based ( In 2008, NutriSoil researchers planted 900 acres of hay to presumably demonstrate the effectiveness of their product. They conducted trials in on two 30 acre plots planted next to one another. They reportedly cut large round bales of hay in late October and again in early January 2009. Neither plot was artificially irrigated. They applied NutriSoil at 5L per hectare in September 2008 and again after the first hay cut. Their yield reports were as follows:
Ultimately the findings do not impact the claims of NutriSoil LS at all. The study reports do not meet minimum methodological standards. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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