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The administrative structure of public education in the state of California - Essay Example

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Take a look at the administrative structure of public education in the state of California to include the local board of education.View your local board's policies and discuss the role and function of your school board.
California has a State Board of Education, and there is further decentralisation, with the existence of local school boards…
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The administrative structure of public education in the state of California
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Download file to see previous pages 2) To establish a viable structure, by employing a superintendent, laying down guidelines for hiring other personnel, adopting appropriate policies and curriculum, establishing budget priorities and ensuring provision of facilities. The Board also gives direction for formulating and adopting collective bargaining agreements.
3) To provide support to the superintendent and staff to carry out their functions by providing good personnel management, making resources available, upholding district policies, and liasing between the public and school functionaries.
4) To ensure performance/ program/ financial accountability to the public. . The Board evaluates the superintendent, and sets guidelines for evaluation of other staff, periodically assesses the curriculum and student performance, and also does self-assessments.
5) To acts as community leader by meaningfully involving the community in educational programs; it communicates to them information on district policies/ programs. The Board stands as a link between the student and the community too. (School Board Leadership) Discussion Question (2) Briefly discuss a case or hearing that was presented at your local school board or in one of the court systems. What was the final decision Give your opinion and/or reason for supporting this decision.
I refer to a case of 1981, Segraves v. State of California. (Sacramento Superior Court #278978) Although the case is more than twenty-five years old, the issue is current. It relates to the teaching of scientific evolution in the classroom, and its likely clash with the religious views of the students, and their right to their views (as enshrined in the US Constitution). Segraves' contention was that the discussion of the Theory of Evolution prevented his children and him from the free exercise of their religion. The court, however, "found that the California State Board of Education's Science Framework, as written and as qualified by its anti-dogmatism Policy, gave sufficient accommodation to the views of Segraves." (Matsumura & Mead, 2001). The Anti-dogmatism Policy insisted that scientific explanations in the class room focus on the 'how', and not 'ultimate cause', and that speculative statements concerning origins, "both in texts and in classes, should be presented conditionally, not dogmatically." (Matsumura & Mead, 2001) The court also ruled that all areas of science be covered by this Anti-dogmatism Policy.
While I agree that science should be taught without dogmatism, it is also necessary that dogmatic adherence to religious beliefs do not prevent a child from acquiring scientific knowledge. Therefore, the judgement in this case was right, permitting openness in looking at scientific theories, and the evidence that was available to support them.

Numerous Civil Rights Acts have covered a variety of topics that have influenced public education: unlawful employment practices, denial of benefits, equal rights, equal protection, and equal employment opportunities. Elaborate on a statement that I heard at a governor's conference which stated, "The Right to Read is a student's Civil Right" Explain how the above quote may be both a detriment and an asset to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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