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Good Things by Groupism in Design - Case Study Example

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When Jee Hye Park studied in America, she experienced a culture that was different from her own. She had classes with many Americans and other nationals, and sometimes, she found it hard to express herself. In most groups, she was not invited to do much work, but she did her best anyway…
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Good Things by Groupism in Design
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Download file to see previous pages During this group, she was able to participate at the level she desired. Each member was assigned a different task. Jee Hye was to code the HTML and JavaScript for the project. It was a group of epic proportions. It was a group on par with excellence. Despite previous negative experiences, Jee Hye believes there are good things about designing by groupism when each person is assigned what they are best able to do, everyone feels a part of project, and the results of project are much better.
One good thing about designing by groupism is each person is sometimes able to do what he does best. Some students are better with writing or other artistic work. Others are better with speaking or in leadership positions. Still, others are better with doing or applying what has been learned to create a new product. Jee Hye was better with doing so she did the coding part of the web design project. Mary was better with writing. She kept notes and wrote the paper for the project. Casey was best with speaking, and he presented the project to the class. They all did their part to make the project work. In other groups, Jee Hye noticed some people slack while others did all the work. In this group, it helped to have a good manager. It helped that he was able to direct people to their appropriate tasks. Instead of everyone doing whatever they wanted all hoi polloi, there was an organized method of tackling the design problems they encounter. The divisions of labor and job specialization were the cornerstone of the group's workflow.
As the work progressed, it made other benefits of group design become apparent. Another good thing about designing by groupism is that each person feels part of project. In Jee Hye's group, each person made suggestions about the website project. Some of the suggestions were used. Others were not, but some of everyone's made ideas were applied to the project. I was truly a collaborative effort. Mary and Jee Hye constructed the layout together. Mary and Casey formulated the content as a team. All three students worked together to debug the coded portion of the project. In other groups, Jee Hye noticed that some people's voices were heard over others despite logic. Again, this pitfall was avoided by good management. Casey really helped it all go smoothly. His management ability was uncanny. He kept the group focused, and he mitigated disputes. Furthermore his selling ability made the marketing aspects of the design a breeze. Each person played a vital role, and everyone felt part of the group project. At the end of the project, they all felt happy about how everything happened. The website was great, and they were very proud of their work. Along with division of labor and job specialization, group morale is a major aspect of positive experience in working with a group. It is important that each member works to keep a positive attitude if they expect the group to work well.
No one wants to attend a group where people are sour-faced. The best thing about designing by groupism is the results of a project are much better than individual projects if people work symbiotically. In other groups, Jee Hye noticed the final product was not as good as this one. Usually, one person takes too much work. Others do not participate, and still others participate too much. It makes the project not really a groupism project. It means some people do nothing. Some do everything. Others tell ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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