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Application for British Airway - Essay Example

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With my motivation to excel in my career, I am hoping to gain a position in British Airways. The rationale of choosing this business organization is obvious. By joining a team which remains undisputed its industry, I will undoubtedly be able to efficiently utilize the knowledge and skills I've acquired from my various disciplines…
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Application for British Airway
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Download file to see previous pages This is because I have been able to acquire knowledge and skills in the fields of general management, strategic management, and corporate finance. I am particularly interested in joining the management and planning team which primairly determines the core competencies, strengths, weaknesses, and the needs of British Airways. I can surely be instrumental in shaping the strategic path of the organization with my hard-earned knowledge and skill in assessing the internal performance of the company as well as the external factors in its external environment,
I believe that in landing a job, a potential employee must only be imbued with the technical skills needed for the position. One of the most important things to consider is the person's high level of motivation to excel in the field and his capacity to deal with diverse individual in the business organization. Joining British Airways has been one of my greatest dreams and I am highly passionate to aid in the company's success. I am highly motivated to excel in this career, wanting not just a mere position but with commitment and devotion, I would like to pursue growth and excellence. I believe that I will be able to stand the pressure of joining a diverse workforce because I am trained to be open-minded and respectful of individuals outside my color, culture, value, and opinion.
3.0. Application of My Skills
In order to prove that I will be effective in my chose position, I will be giving a brief analysis of British Airway's current performance through the employment of strategic management tools. First, I will be focusing on the business organization's financial performance by a financial ratio analysis. Next, I will look at the company's internal and external environment by the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Lastly, I will be offering a three-point plan on how British Airways can further improve its operations.
3.1. Financial Analysis
In terms of financial performance, British Airways in can be assessed by looking at the firm's profitability, leverage, efficiency, liquidity, and investor ratios. In terms of profitability, British Airways reports increasing profit margins yet still lags behind its competitors like Ryanair and Thomsonfly (British Airways 2007). British Airway's resources are largely financed by riskier financing debt. The company enjoys higher liquidity enhancing the ability of the air carrier to pay off its immediate obligation by its current assets. The company also improves its efficiency by lessening the day its pays off its suppliers and collects from its customers. An investor is most likely be attracted by the escalating share price of British Airways but be put off by the zero dividend yield.
3.2. SWOT Analysis for British Airways
I will now focus on the SWOT Analysis. In terms of strengths, British Airways has always been unmatched due to its mere size commanding strong brand equity, strong network presence, cost cutting efficiency, and customer loyalty (Datamonitor 2005).In terms of assets, the airline is regarded as the second largest in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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