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The most important elements of proper Communication in a job interview - Essay Example

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Communication whether done in everyday matters or done for a specific task, influences our lives deeply and is a reflection of our personality. Whenever we present ourselves in front of an employer this reflection speaks its own language, causing the employer to either hire you or reject…
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The most important elements of proper Communication in a job interview
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly if you look away while listening it would show lack of interest and a rude and unethical behavior.
Facial Expressions: Your facial expressions should be positive enough to encourage the employer for further communication. In case of nervousness do not try to be perceived as arrogant. A smiley face is appreciated everywhere. The employer should be aware of your gladness you have to meet him. You should not reveal a lethargic expression no matter how much exhausted and tiring you are.
Posture: A good posture is a key symbol of a fine personality. One should stand straight, walk tall and sit tall. Shoulders should not be bended forward and there should be no slouching. Be sensitive to the body language of the other person. Any inconsistency between verbal and non-verbal behavior is significant and the non-verbal cues generally send the more accurate message as "action speaks louder than words".
Gestures: Gestures should go along with your personality, and must be real. Do not use artificial gestures to highlight the importance of the issue. One should not use a speech with too many "uh's", "ur's"or "hms".
Space: One should recognize the boundaries between personal space and that of others. If you are typical of most Americans, it ranges between 30 and 36 inches. Be prepared, however, not to back up or move away from someone who has a personal space that is smaller than your own. Hang in there, take a deep breath, and stand your ground. For most of us, merely the awareness of our personal space is enough to consciously prompt us to stand firm when speaking with someone. If you have a smaller than average personal space, make sure you keep your distance so that you do not intimidate someone who possesses a larger personal space.
(The most important interview nonverbals, College, themostimportantinterviewnonverbals.htm)
Confidence- The key to success

Be yourself. Confident people inspire confidence in others; one has to appear confident in order to make others realize that he is suitable enough to do the job. Interviewees are usually nervous and therefore they become self absorbed and self-conscious, which takes their attention off the job at hand and onto themselves. Be careful to avoid showing signs of nervousness such as scratching, drumming fingers, playing with a pen etc. Everyone possesses some weak points, which make the person loose his confidence at an interview. It is the aim of the prospective employer to play oral communication tricks to you and make you reveal all those weak points which are sufficient to make a person feel unconfident and insecure enough to perform the job, so no matter how weak you are, never impose yourself loose confidence in a job interview.
(Impact Factory, Job Interview Techniques,

Communication Skills
Effective communication skills are needed in most jobs on an everyday basis, your tone should be refined and one should not talk too fast, slowly, loudly or softly. Verbal patterns should be followed like an impressive speech pattern, ability to act naturally, very focused and articulated thinking. It seems very unethical to interrupt the employer. Be attentive and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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