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Concepts in Organizational Behavior - Essay Example

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Continuing the analyzes of the two business units within FMC, FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River with regards to employee motivation on Green River managers request. Taking employer motivation to include job design and goal setting, performance appraisal systems, pay, and career development…
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Concepts in Organizational Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages At Aberdeen employees function as a group in a team ranging from 3 to 16 manage virtually every aspect of the plants work and reporting. The teams schedule working hours, purchase material and tools, plan working schedules, coordinate with other teams, evaluate team members performance, recommend salary increases, generate reports, and address any problem that may arise on the plant.
The Green River operation employ 1100 employees in mining and production processes and supply it's products Internationally. It is assumed that the Green River unit is still managed in the classical management style and the organization with a paramedical structure, with planning and organizing being done by management, and the implementation, control and performance evaluation done by site supervisors. Employees are unionized and work according to old standard job descriptions. Green River employees earnings are among the highest within the FMC group.
When taking the above information into consideration it is clear that the two facilities differ not only in size and complexity, but also in structure, organization methods and task design. This is of course as a direct result of the management style implemented at each facility. Aberdeen was established by the current manager who implemented a flat organization structure, with working practices based on teamwork to meet business goals. Green River established in 1948 have seen many managers, and due to the fact that a bureaucratic management style was the only excepted practice during the establishment period, it remained as it was inherited from one generation of employers to the next.

To implement a similar work design as that of Aberdeen facility will be a major challenge for Green River management, as employees may resist any proposed changes and will be strongly supported by their union if not included in the transformation process. This buy-in from staff and union will be non conditional before even thinking about implementing a transformation process. Then it must be realized that such a process will not only be the change of working practices or task redesign, but the change of human behavior to accept and support the different work approach, and responsibilities that will come with it. This is a radical change of business working culture and it is impossible to change overnight, but need to be phased in over time.

Green River can start the culture change process by firstly educating management and staff on change practices and processes and making sure they understand the goal and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concepts in Organizational Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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