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Sometimes in Winter - Essay Example

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This is an analysis paper that intends to reflect upon the works of Linda Pastan, more specifically on her poem Sometimes in Winter. This paper will dissect on each lines written on the poem, the emotions, the concepts and theme and most importantly the meaning on the images symbolizing real situation and conviction about life in general…
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Sometimes in Winter
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Download file to see previous pages The succeeding paragraph will also contain my own thoughts and emotion about this work.
After having gone though the literary pieces of Linda Pastan, I realized that most of her poems were all about life, love and human emotions. Such that the central them she chose to employ in this poem, Sometimes in winter, talks about her thoughts about life, whether her own life or those of others whom she knew she was a part of as well as those which became part of her. This poem to me, is an allegory about how people become instrumental in the lives of others, and how they step in and walk into that lives leaving footprints that I might as well equate with memory and etched meaning. Linda Pastan's view about life depicts the reality of how people relate with one another, thus the saying no man is an island. We need others in order to make us feel good with in. As human beings, we need other people to interact with, to relate and converse with, even to the extent of realizing what was going on with our own lives by looking at the experiences of others. She used the symbolism of visualizing the faces of those she loves, those faces that may perhaps touched her lives at one point in time. These can be depicted on the memories of those people we hold dear that are etched inside our minds, and going over that vision again reminds us the things that did both good and bad. Thus, every person's impact in our lives is conceived through the bonds and relationship we established with them. These relationships will become an archive of well kept experiences; those instances that made us laugh, cry, angry or annoyed. These are feelings that remind us about our human qualities embedded within extracted and surfaced because of others. This to me is what she was trying to say in the first line of her poem.
Taking into consideration the setting she used, winter, depicts of cold and dark times, times where people are forced into seclusion. With which I take the positive and discuss my own reflections about this particular setting. My views about her poems set in the winter is those times when we feel alone, most certainly down and defeated by circumstances that sometimes are too much for a human emotion to bear, such is a time when we would want to feel lifted and free of all desperation. If we were to incorporate the first line of the poem into the setting, I can say that Pastan had wonderful people around her during her most desperate time. These people were there to support her and keep her warm amidst the coldness and darkness of the nature of her situation. Winter here, depicts of a certain phase of here life where she struggles to cope with realities and accepts the burden, and such was made possible through the assistance of a support group, weather family, friends and love ones. On the other hand, this can also depict a setting with which a negative stand is depicted. It may be that winter in her poem is the experiences caused by other people's wrath and coldness that forces her to shut out and withdraw from. It may be the effect of this experiences that she describes as bleak and dark. The relationship we make with other people does not always turn out the way we want them to be. There are those that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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