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Poetry anthology - Essay Example

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I chose to write about "the nature of love" because of the season that we are in. When it was winter I was thinking about how sometimes love can be cold, and going through feelings which made me think of love and nature in this way - being heartbroken and feeling cold and bare like trees in winter…
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Poetry anthology
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Extract of sample "Poetry anthology"

Download file to see previous pages The poems are organized into three sections: first "seasons" like spring, summer and winter which talk about the changing seasons of love: from hope of new love in spring, to warmth and passion in summer. Although there is no poem entitled "winter", it is dealt with in the first poem, showing a transition from "frozen faith" to "growing green". The second section deals with elements like "sunshine", "rain", "wind, "fire" and "sea". I wanted to do the four elements but instead the poems just happened this way. I found it was very natural to compare love to sunshine, and tears to rain but this is a bit clich, so I decided instead to use rain in terms of quenching a thirst with a kiss. The poem "wind" associates wind and freedom, and doing things that society doesn't expect you to do when you are in love, while "fire" is a good transition to the next section "violent elements" because it talks about things like "fire" and "lightning" and "thunderclouds" which are frightening and violent but are beautiful too, like love is. Then the section "violent elements" transition into "stormy night and the end section with only one poem: "evening" which talks about love dying like the day dying. I know that people will say that it is common to write about love and to compare it with nature, but I think these poems are different in that they try to avoid the usual clichs. I am very grateful to the person that inspired this anthology - even though there are many painful things to feel and say about love, it is a life-changing experience to have.
I know it's spring when
the leaves turn green again
when my soul like shriveled straw
starts to grow green again
when my frozen faith in life and love
starts to melt and thaw again
when my heart that's brown and cold
opens at the touch of your hand
the smell of flowers in June
goodbye which came too soon
and your memory which fills this room
the sound of tropical waves
the burn of bright sun rays
and your memory which stays and stays
the taste of yellow fruit
the bitter taste of truth
and memory of lost youth
like I'd miss the sunshine if it went away
like I'd miss the stars at night
like I'd miss the air I breathe
I miss you so when you're out of sight
like the sand would miss the waves
I miss you so when you're away
and as there's such a drought in my heart
I miss you like grass misses rain
I run a mile
through wind
and hail
and storm
and gale
through fire
and flame
to quench
my lips
in the rain
of your kiss
I feel so blue
my world is gray
all my world without you
is like a ship gone away
I looked at you
you smiled at me
all my life without you
is like a blue blue sea
Every time the waves rush in
I just feel so alone
Every time the tide goes in
I remember you're gone
wind in my hair
sun on my face
what do I care
got to leave this place
dirt on my heart
mud on my feet
where do I start
I just got to be free
blood on my hands
wine on my cheeks
feel so high
can't even sleep
forget these chains
forget society
I'm drunk with love
in love with your sanity
sometimes it's fire
sometimes it's lightning
sometimes it's thunderclouds and rain
I'll tame a sunset
when times are frightening
to be your light
through darkness and pain
thunder cloud
eyes of wonder
laugh of thunder
take me under
with your kiss
smile like heaven
I rise like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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