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Winter dreams - Essay Example

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The period of year when people are more predisposed to dream is winter. This season is always associated with hope, joy and dreams maybe because then the holidays come and people tend to get closer to the spiritual things, to understand each other better…
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Winter dreams
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Extract of sample "Winter dreams"

Download file to see previous pages During winter time, at the end of the year everyone makes himself a survey and sees what was wrong and right, and what he would have wanted to live or to have. Now the most interesting and unexpected dreams are born.Winter dreams differs from person to person, in accordance with the person's age, character, social and financial condition, religion and country. All these factors influence and shape a person's dreams because we refer to the ones around us and our needs.Winter dreams was a theme often used by the writers, poets or it was used in many magazines. Maybe people were inspired reading the novels, short stories, articles on this topic, but the truth is the exchange is reversed: in all these pieces of paper exist a bit of our soul.and writers wanted to take part in these dreams. Charles Dickens did this too and his contribution was greater than the other writers because his message moved many and succeeded to change something in the mentality of his age. "A Christmas Carol" was a novel about the holiest period of year and was considered a book which wanted to resurge the spirit of Christmas and which offered a brand new image to its values: kindness, cadge, forgiveness. This redefinition came in a decline period of this holiday. Thus, the book may be considered as an accomplished winter dream.Dickens organizes the structure of the novel in a certain way, hoping that the readers will see that winter dreams have changed the main character in the end, have made him a better person. The point of view is that of the main character, but this overlaps with the others. The author presents the story at third person singular, seeming that we are told an objective story, but through this technique the author gives the readers the possibility to see facts in their own opinion.
Winter dreams and all those charity deeds are seen by the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge , with irony, but in fact he is the one chaffed. So, the readers can realize that Ebenezer's type of behavior regarding Christmas and winter dreams is not appropriate, and that those poor people he detests, will help him in the end to change.
Ebenezer Scrooge is a greed selfish business man . In the beginning of the novel it can be said that he doesn't know the notion of dream(maybe only the proper meaning), but gradually it can be discovered that this term existed in his mind and soul but was repressed many years ago.
This character is in fact a symbol for all those who want to minimize holidays and even life, shortening it to the financial prosperity. The first lines of the novel talk about the death of Jacob Marley, a good friend of Scrooge seven years ago . Then the action moves in the business man's office during the winter holidays. Charles Dickens does not aleatory use this number. Seven in Hebrew means to be complete , and it is associated with God, with the spiritual perfection1. In Bible and in different writings this number is used very often. If seven means a completed cycle it may emphasize a new beginning. So, Scrooge was doomed to this behavior seven years , but now a new chance was given to him. This symbol may be seen as a part of winter dreams , because we tend to think of God and the holy things during Christmas time.
Scrooge is visited by three ghosts in Christmas Eve and this is the event that will make him change forever. Ghosts are an often used motif in winter writings because this period is considered to be the bridge moment between the two worlds: of livings and of deaths.
The number of spirits, three , is full of meaning again: three represents what is solid, real, complete . God has three main characteristics: omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence. This can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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