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Conflict Scenario - Assignment Example

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1. The given conflict scenario primarily involves two personalities, one of which is experienced and mature, while the other is young and innovative. The services of both the people involved in this conflict are immensely valuable to the organization and the resolution of the conflict between them is vital for optimizing the productivity within the department.
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Conflict Scenario
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Download file to see previous pages If one analyses these Myers-Briggs type differences in tandem with the differences in the age, experience and the qualification of these two people, it gets really easy to understand the dynamics of this conflict (Eilerman 1). Jane being more experienced and extrovert seems to be really interested in the technical expertise of Brandon. Brandon on the contrary being introvert and perceiving, seems to be misinterpreting Jane's overtures as being nosy and prying. Both the people do not harbor any serious malice towards each other. The conflict has originated simply because of the differences in their personality types.
3. While Brandon and Jane are resorting to a combination of the controlling and avoiding mode of conflict handling, they can make the things much better by resorting to a compromising mode that is expected to gradually evolve to a collaborating mode, considering the fact that both of them are talented and skilled people.
4. My plan of action is that first I would arrange separate meetings with Jane and Brandon. Listening is the most important skill that could be used in such a scenario. I will seriously listen to the views of Jane and Brandon and will try to identify their underlying concerns and issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Conflict Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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