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Conception of Justice - Essay Example

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1. How might John Rawls respond to Irving Kristol's essay, "A capitalist conception of justice" With whom do you agree, and why (Remember, the fact that you like Kristol's or Rawls' view is not a good enough reason.)
Rawls and kristol are two people with different point of view about conception of justice…
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Conception of Justice
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He believes that equal rights should not be given to all the people and free market is not at all acceptable for kristol as it will raise the tide. So he believes in unequal distribution of benefits in the society. In order to justify his theory he further says that the in equality should benefit every one to some extent mainly the less advantaged.
I believe and agree with kristol's theory. All the human beings should be given equal rights and it should be left on their fate that it will float their boat or will sink it. This will be un kind if we fulfill needs of one person and ignore other. Every body who is entering in the market will obviously try to compete and in doing so healthy competition will be there in the market and will result in better quality and quantity of work.
The free market will not increase rush in market but will increase the number of competitors to get better and much better results. The principle of difference presented by Rawl doesn't seem much attractive and impressive. Free market is the right of every retailer or investor and it is upon them that how they manage to get hold of right strategies and manage to survive or rule the society. Other wise it would be like that you are afraid of your competitors and that's why you don't allow them to enter into the market or you don't want free market because you are afraid of being over come by some other party. In other words you don't want any race track as you are afraid of race - this, in essence, is not, and cannot be, a rule of the game. The actual rule of the game is to let come who ever want to with a spirit that if you are the best no one could let you down. So in my vote goes for kristol.
2. The Ciulla reading (on the course reserve, on the syllabus for June 2nd) directly addresses one of Ian Maitland's claims. Evaluate Ciulla's response (this requires stating the relevant claim from Maitland). Whose side do you take--in answering this last question, you should give reasons for the side you take, and those reasons should appeal to Maitland's or Ciulla's arguments, and you should acknowledge possible counter-arguments. Does your decision affect your actions as a consumer/economic agent (450 words)

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Ethical issues are always present in the business no matter what kind of business it is. Modern work is a subject of debate for many writers and all of them have different point of view and arguments about same subject. While defending business of sweat shops Maitland says that on the whole, they are better for the world's poor than the available alternatives. For him sweat shops are good for third world workers. He believes that a worker from third world country can get respect because of this business in any country as it is respectable. Where as Ciulla believes that there is no easy solution to make any work meaning full and that there is also no easy way out for balancing the demands of work and life. I personally agree with Ciulla because it is not necessary that if you open a sweat shop it will be successful for sure or there is no guarantee that being a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Conception of Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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