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Ethical Leadership - Assignment Example

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There a lot of ethical questions that tie leaders of business organizations, initiatives and even politicians that they face nearly daily because they have to make decisions. The decisions that they make as well as the methods that they use to make those decisions determines…
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Ethical Leadership
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Extract of sample "Ethical Leadership"

Ethical Leadership Q Ethics to Business Leadership There a lot of ethical questions that tie leaders of business organizations, initiatives and even politicians that they face nearly daily because they have to make decisions. The decisions that they make as well as the methods that they use to make those decisions determines whether or not they are ethical leaders (Frisch & Huppenbauer, 2014).
Leadership in business ethics covers a wide spectrum of areas in which the manager of the business can focus on so as to improve the reputation and credibility of the business through emphasizing on the business decisions, employee behaviours and business ideas. Using good leadership skills to show good business ethics can greatly contribute to building of a team culture of the business. It also provides a good measurable benchmarks for business employees to follow as the make independent decisions relating to the business duties.
Q 2 Justice and Fairness Theory
Every individual has an equal right to basic liberty and that there are some freedoms and rights that are very much important than others. This concept of justice is developed from the perspective that every individual is free and equal (Huhtala, Kangas, Lämsä, & Feldt, 2013). Their freedom is characterized by their possession of moral powers that is a capacity for a sense of justice and for a conception of the good. The sense of justice is the ability to understand the applications of fairness from the public conception of justice which characterized the fair term of cooperation. This sense demonstrates the willingness to act in relation to others in a way that they can also publicly endorse.
Frisch, C., & Huppenbauer, M. (2014). New insights into ethical leadership: A qualitative investigation of the experiences of executive ethical leaders. Journal of Business Ethics, 123(1), 23-43.
Huhtala, M., Kangas, M., Lämsä, A.-M., & Feldt, T. (2013). Ethical managers in ethical organisations? the leadership-culture connection among finnish managers. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 34(3), 250-270. Read More
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Ethical Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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Ethical Leadership

The intention of this study is leadership as considered a core aspect in the functioning and success of n organization. Basically, ethics assists an organization in fostering good relations with the public and maintaining sales and good returns. Furthermore, ethics ensures that an organization operates according to the expectations of the public and maintains quality productions. In the past, organizations were basically faced with management problems due to the theoretical belief on the practice. However, due to the rising concern over leadership and its effectiveness, need for ethics arose. This led to the need for regulations of employees’ behaviors and decision within an organization. Level of competition has also increased an...
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...leadership demands that the leaders, before putting their decisions into action, inform and discuss them with the parties which are going to be affected by their decisions. This means that the concerned parties are being given due respect and importance. The substantive aspect of ethical leadership includes knowledge, strong standards and courage to follow ethical directions despite strong opposition. The success of an organization depends largely on value-based actions and deeds. Ethical leadership will take care of the workforce so as to maintain a healthy environment within the organization. An ethical leader will...
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Ethical leadership

... The concept of leadership and ethics is one which is considered as one of the most valuable elements of an organization. It changes the wayin which organizations function, specifically by creating group dynamics that change performance levels and functions within a corporation. The examination of leadership and how it relates to ethics is one which is furthered by the budgetary policies and the considerations that are a part of everyday task orientation within a work place. Examining how these interrelate and understanding the most important dynamics within a corporation can then enhance the approaches which are taken with leaders and the interactions that are approached by team members. The examination of this study focuses on three...
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...? Education: Ethical Leadership Report Education: Ethical Leadership Report of the Incident As an assistant principal of a remote Catholic school, I was asked to attend parent meetings with the principal and different parents to discuss incidents which have occurred between children and a teacher who was on playground duty. In one incident, the teacher thought that children were fighting at the playground when in actuality they were just roughly playing. The teacher sent the children to the principal’s office for appropriate management, reporting that they were fighting at the playground. Without asking the children about the incident, what they were doing and why they were fighting, the principal proceeded to yell at them...
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Ethical leadership an organization (Nahavandi, 2009, p.44). It is evident that ethical leadership is more respected and leaders who implement ethical practices in their actions are known to be established as role models by the followers. But this definition has certain constraints because it looks at leadership from a relativist point of view. Other scholars argue that ethical leadership is a theoretical concept that is difficult to be implemented in the practical world. Some authors also indicate that ethical leadership is much dependant on the individual leader and his social and cultural background. Brown, Mitchel...
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Applying Ethical Leadership Principles

... stakeholders. It is invariably true that every leader wants to be efficient and effective and create a positive impact on their organisations. In this essay, we will discuss the implications of ethical leadership and what strategies I will employ as an ethical leader myself. To begin with I would like to pose certain questions to myself: What do I want to achieve in this role? Is my vision aligned to the values of the organisation? How can I achieve the goals I have set before me and by when? How can I collaborate effectively to achieve these goals? My strategy will be to find a balance between task and people. I will focus my energies towards addressing concerns by, first, accurately identifying and analysing problems and then resolving...
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.... Ethical leadership is based on two components, first is that ethical leaders must act and make decisions that are considered to be ethical and second is that they should lead the people based on the ethical standards (Anon., 2014). Why leaders need Ethics Leaders know that what exactly they value. They are aware of the importance of ethical behavior. The successful leaders are known for exhibiting both their ethics as well as their values in their leadership actions and style. The leadership ethics and values should be visible in the leader’s actions every single day (Anon., 2014). Lack of trust is considered to be a major problem in many work places. If the leaders are unable to identify the value and ethics required at workplace...
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Ethical Leadership

... by a misunderstanding, the subordinate should be sanctioned and forgiven. Besides, a SNCO is expected to uphold prudence over justice. This means that sound discretion is prevalent in leadership. A consideration of what is right should be made first before considering what is possible. A critical thinker will be able to understand that mere permissibility and legality of an action does not qualify it as the right thing to do. 3. From this module, what is a take away for you to build upon and why? The module on ethical leadership has been helpful. First, I understood that since decision-making is an inevitable experience in the purview of the Air Force, especially when serving as a SNCO, it is important to consider the ethical impact...
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Ethical leadership

... Ethical Leadership Introduction Ethics that is at times known as moral philosophy can be as a systematic way of using moral principles. It can be a set code of conduct with reference to a particular group or human actions related to expected rules recognized by a particular profession. It’s a set down rules in relation to human conduct and values with reference to the right, good, evil or wrong and its final consequences. Leadership can be as the ability to make rational decisions that influence people in the achievement of set objectives within a company or public office. In their book ‘Ethical leadership’, Kanungo and Mendoncafeel that the urge to investigate on the topic of ethical leadership is induced by the rise of unethical...
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Ethical leadership

... (Starratt, 2004). The book itself outlines the reality that ethical leadership only occurs when the personal investment in moral character and development is of utmost importance. To illustrate this, Dr. Starratt purports that such a commitment is based upon the three core values and virtues of proactive responsibility, personal and professional authenticity, and an affirming, critical, and enabling presence to both the workers and the work that is involved in the actual teaching and learning process. The purpose of the author writing about these virtues rests in the belief that these very virtues are required of modern day educational leadership because of the high stakes involved in the schooling process today. Leaders must...
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