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Behavioural Analysis of Organisations - Essay Example

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The advent of Globalisation has brought organisations, national and international both, into the forefront of world community. As all regions of the world have now transformed into consumerist societies, any change in the producing or supplying organisations will affect millions of people and hence, healthy organisations with modern and timely outlook are important.
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Behavioural Analysis of Organisations
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Extract of sample "Behavioural Analysis of Organisations"

Download file to see previous pages Organisations are grouped into Mechanistic and Organic groups and this grouping is still relevant. In mechanistic organisations, tasks are broken down into specialisms, technicalities, methods, duties, powers related to positions and all behaviours and responses of workers are according to superiors' decisions without much scope for individuality. These organisations are considered to be more stable and vertically oriented.
Organic organisations do not have very clearly pronounced hierarchy and instead, depend more on group decisions after interacting with people of diverse background within company framework. These organisations are considered to be more individualistic where people can make a positive contribution and are of democratic nature. While doing a study of this kind, both kinds of organisations are approached.
Human behaviour is always diverse and complex and unpredictable at times. A person who is charming to the rest of the world, could be downright aggressive to people working under him. Many times it is not surprising to come across hidden psychological problems that surface only when the person can dictate terms, and dormant otherwise. In recent years, the necessity of a more psychological approach towards business organisations was felt and much study has gone into this direction. Social Scientists are dedicating time to study worker behaviour, management behaviour, and formulate theories of change for the organisations to follow.

"Like the relationship between parents and children, the relationship between an organization and its members has aspects of both hate and love. Employees, manager, owners, customers, and society-at-large find themselves both beneficiaties and dependents of the organization an invention that, though man-made, seems to have a lift of its own, Bobbitt et al (1978, p.4).

With the globalisation, organisations found it necessary to undergo unprecedented changes, for working with hitherto alien cultures and facing unfamiliar situations. Today solutions and decisions are made by people of diverse background and organisations have to see that all the decisions go in favour of the business. It has become imperative that certain guidelines should be laid down for all workers and managers to follow in spite of the cultural and background differences.

Niccolo Machiavelli is considered to be the main political philosopher who spoke of leadership and organisational power. Max Weber followed him in discussing charismatic leadership. Psychology, after Second World War has become the main subject and organisations have created the norms of judging organisational developments from human resources angle.

"Whether a manager defaults or whether he succeeds depends on large measure on his understanding of organizational behaviour and all its complexities. Although organizations appear to take on a life of their own, they remain inventions of man," says ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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