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Communication Management - Essay Example

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Management communication is traditionally top-down, information and instruction comes from the owner and CEO, to the manager and then to the employee. This pyramid approach is operative, but lacks conviction. Hobby is faced with continuous changes, from outside forces such as customer needs and competition in the emergent electronics field, to inside forces such as employee skill and retention…
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Communication Management
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Download file to see previous pages This creates strong discontent with the job as well as disengages the employee from the functional aspect of the job. Secondly, employee's who have access to information of interest about the organization are able to give more informed inputs about the job and functionality. Lack of resource access "could lead to frustration and lack of motivation and ultimately failure" (Kaliprasad 2006, p. 22).
These issues in communication are directly related to Hobby's mission, core values and culture as a top-end model manufacturer. The company's mission statement is well known as being "smaller but better." To this, we must ask ourselves how we can develop better communication and gain an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages taking the initiative to produce changes. The proposed change is entering the electronic market, which traditionalists in the company are concerned with as it may directly affect who we are as a company. There is no doubt that employees follow Hobby because they trust our leadership. It is now time that Hobby enter into a communication initiative in preparation for entering differing global (and electronic) markets.
As a large firm, however, Hobby is often imbued with strategic processes and policies disseminated from a formal planning system (Pearce and Robinson 2004). Hobby has traditionally held high employee morale but is currently faced with low production and changes should be approached by open communication. In this, the "ideal strategic management team includes decision-makers from all three company levels (the corporate, business, and functional)" (Pearce and Robinson 2004, p. 15).
For example, some Canadian firms have implemented an every employee is a leader program, where all employees have equal and viable inputs towards the organization (Noe et al 2002). As leadership incorporates communication into the organization to allow employees too openly and without fear of retribution deliver questions, concerns and ideas, the value of leadership increases. Employee's commitment and trust towards the organization's leaders grow as their voices are heard (Noe et al 2002). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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