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Analysis of the song LONELY by NANA - Essay Example

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Loneliness is a common issue of almost all people, and most of which sometimes go undetected for years with people considering it as part of the daily existence of life's ups and down. What most people don't know is the fact that loneliness is a symptom of depression which therefore needs to be addressed scientifically, where measures require the initial detection of such symptom…
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Analysis of the song LONELY by NANA
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the song LONELY by NANA"

Download file to see previous pages However, notwithstanding the fact that there is a greater correlation between science and the precursors of loneliness, much can be said about loneliness being relative to how one person views of life according to certain situations normally occurring to a particular stage in life. This is common in the show business industry, where we hear stories about people feeling lonely and being hooked to drugs as a means to overcome or forget about their personal issues. They become dependent to the means that makes them forget about the reasons why they become lonely. Whether this is by means of constructive measures which in effect keep them from thinking about how lonely they are through busy schedules and several projects or through destructive means, like drug addiction, in a way does not actually address the main issue but rather avoid it. This paper will illustrate the means of how artist sometimes resort to incongruent means to address their dilemmas.
The artifact that is chosen for a pentadic criticism is entitled lonely, a song written by Nana. In this song, it describes the drama of human emotions which according to Kenneth Burke, the critical technique called dramatism is founded by motives of human action whether in fiction or real life experience (Burke. 1969). He furthered that we may be able to find out the motives of the actors by for the "particular type of motivation in action and discourse" (Ibid). Thus under this artifact, the act is the loneliness which defines the vulnerability to drug addiction in the music industry, the scene is the life and career of an artist that is so vulnerable to such dilemma, the agency is the resort of drug addiction and dependence in order for the person to avoid loneliness which in turn causes the agent to give in to the vulnerability making him do deterrent things that he will regret in the end, the agent is the actors/singer in the show business industry who becomes the victim of vulnerability, and the finally the purpose is to depict the negative consequence of allowing vulnerability to rule above logic, it is also a cry for help, understanding and desperation that is conveyed through the art of music. It is also a warning for others to avoid. There have been many others in the music business who dies because of drug overdose, to name a few is quiet unfair, what is important to point is the fact that these many others have been at one point in their life become vulnerable to loneliness and have found the incongruent notion of the ease and comfort that drugs can give. Little did they realize that the more they resort to such as an aid, the more it will become difficult for them to detach from their addiction.
Drugs can be another precursor of loneliness, even if the agent does not employ the use of such for personal consumption, like for instance in the case of peddling, pushing or trafficking drugs that when the authorities bust them for such an illegal act would cost them their freedom which will take away at least 5 years of their life in exchange for imprisonment. During which time the offender will serve the five years inside the cold and dark jail facility, away from their loved one and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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