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Does Science Prove there is a God - Essay Example

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Science and its applications have revolutionized the way we live our lives on the planet called earth. Scientists have made the life easier for all of us. Today the average life expectancy has grown substantially as we've got rid of many causes leading to death…
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Does Science Prove there is a God
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Download file to see previous pages be the reasons for certain death, but there are a number of other diseases which have the potential of making our lives miserable. These are some of the instances where science 'appears' to have scored a few points over the supernatural power, but the fact that hurricane Katrina, Cleveland Volcano and floods at many places keep happening, makes us believe that there's indeed something called the almighty.
Eric Allin Cornell a renowned physicist has quite beautifully brought out the dilemma when he said1 "Let me pose you a question, not about God but about the heavens: "Why is the sky blue" I offer two answers: 1) The sky is blue because of the wavelength dependence of Rayleigh scattering; 2) The sky is blue because blue is the color God wants it to be." This statement is quite suggestive about how the scientific community accepts the presence of god. In his write up Cornell further commented that, "My scientific research has been in areas connected to optical phenomena, and I can tell you a lot about the Rayleigh-scattering answer. Neither I nor any other scientist, however, has anything scientific to say about answer No. 2, the God answer. Not to say that the God answer is unscientific, just that the methods of science don't speak to that answer".
Though in general the scientific community has been taking its work ahead by picking up threads from the god's creation, but there are instances in history where religious practitioners and scientific community had been on collision course. For example the famous scientist Galileo, who is considered as the father of modern science and a major figure in the history of mankind, had to undergo a tragic experience in his life. His growing influence amongst masses led to clashes with religious clergies and the church became very critical of some of his theories. But the moot point is, neither has scientific researches stopped, nor the belief in the god. Instead, what can be said for sure is that, scientific researches have grown from strength to strengths together with the belief in the god. Francis Collins, an expert on topic related to genetics, carried out a comprehensive study on the 3 billion biochemical letters of our genetic blueprint, with a team of 2,400 multinational scientists. The objective was to study and analyze the god's creation i.e. the human being. He was in fact honored by the then President Bill Clinton in the year 2000 for this effort. In an interview when Collins was asked whether he believes that science is compatible with Christian faith. He responded by saying2, "Yes. God's existence is either true or not. But calling it a scientific question implies that the tools of science can provide the answer. From my perspective, God cannot be completely contained within nature, and therefore God's existence is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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