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The Existence of God - Essay Example

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This discussion talks that one of the great philosophical questions of all time has been the debate regarding whether or not God truly exists. For those who believe there is such a being, it can be said that God exists simply on the principle that perception is a reality…
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The Existence of God
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Download file to see previous pages Thave faith) that, through obtaining proof, can no longer exist as faith is dependent upon a lack of proof? In the search for proof, another problem arises when God is thought of as a physical being because if this were true, God must have been created by something else, which is inconsistent with the belief that God created everything including time and space. The nature of God’s being cannot be imagined and certainly not positively identified; therefore the proof must be found in observing events that could occur only as the result of a creator. The question regarding the true nature of God, whether He actually exists or is merely a mass figment of the human being’s imagination, has plagued mankind regardless of their religious devotion through the centuries. The head must confirm what the heart wants to believe or doubts will never completely desist, it’s simply a fact of human nature. For the person to be truly satisfied that they have reached the correct conclusion, critical thinking must be employed. In considering the philosophical questions of whether or not God exists, it is helpful to have a concept of what is presented through the physical and astrological sciences as well as an idea of what our philosophers have said on the matter.
Without critical thought, a person that says they believe in God is using faulty reasoning. Without using their mind and questioning why they believe a certain way, their mind will constantly question what is believed whether this is the desire of the individual or not. Occam’s Razor is but one example of how critical thinking is practically employed in considering the question. This centuries-old principle remains a staple of the scientific thought process to this day. It states that “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.” The astrological sciences therefore also fail to definitively answer the question of whether God exists, again turning the question over to philosophy.  One of the first things that Descartes proved in his philosophical questioning reported in Meditation III of Discourse on Method was that he had a basic idea of the existence of God.  Since that idea had to have had a cause of some kind, because he had already proven that nothing comes from nothing, Descartes reasoned that this cause must have at least as much reality as the idea itself.  At the same time, since he did not consider himself infinitely perfect despite his ability to conceive of such a thing, Descartes reasoned he could not have been the cause of this idea, so there must be an outside cause that is infinitely perfect – in other words, God must exist.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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