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The Debate of the Existence of God - Essay Example

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The paper "The Debate of the Existence of God" discusses that relation between the cow and the calf and all aspects of it was fundamentally an outcome of the cosmological arguments that made part of my studies in the high school. I found answers to my questions using my critical analysis…
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The Debate of the Existence of God
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Extract of sample "The Debate of the Existence of God"

16 March Essay The debate of existence or inexistence of God is one of the most sensitive topics that I have come across throughout my educational and social development. Years of education have inculcated a sense of critical analysis in me. As an educated person, I tend to identify and evaluate all aspects of a topic using my intelligence and knowledge, and critically analyze them using the very sense in me which I attribute to my education.
I believe in God not just because I was born to a family of believers, but fundamentally because I have reached the conclusion that God does exist using my intelligence and critical analysis. When I reflect at the most touching sights I have had in my life, one that particularly comes to my mind is the first time I saw a cow feeding the calf her milk. In my childhood, I was very fond of pets. Whenever I happened to make it to my town, I spent hours playing with the hens and the ducks. My uncle had kept that cow and the calf in the town. I noticed that the cow fed upon the grass while the calf did not. When I asked my uncle the reason, he said it was so because the cow had teeth while the calf did not. He drew the calf’s mouth open to show me that the calf instead had a gum-plate without teeth in the mouth’s top where the cow had teeth. Then I saw the cow feeding the calf. Although I was quite touched then, but was too little and probably, uneducated also to realize what had made the cow feed the calf. The cow’s responsibility towards the calf was an outcome of the relation between the two. I had several questions in my mind; Who taught the cow to feed the calf and the calf to suck the milk from the cow’s breast? Who was careful enough to put the milk in the cow’s breast for the calf since it didn’t have teeth of its own to chew the grass? Following the cosmological arguments that every phenomenon has a cause for its occurrence, I realized that there is somebody who put milk in the cow’s breast so that the calf would not stay unfed. There is somebody who made the cow responsible enough to share her body with the calf. There is somebody who put love between the two. And there is somebody who nurtured the cow to the level that she had fully developed teeth while the calf had not. And that somebody is God.
Concluding, my critical analysis of the relation between the cow and the calf and all aspects of it was fundamentally an outcome of the cosmological arguments that made part of my studies in the high school. I found answers to my questions using my critical analysis and reached the conclusion of belief in the existence of a supreme force that is controlling everything which is God. I happened to integrate intelligence with character as this critical analysis reinforced my belief in God. Read More
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(The Debate of the Existence of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3)
The Debate of the Existence of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
“The Debate of the Existence of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3”, n.d.
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