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Name Professor Course Date Atheism: The Other Side of the Story In a world where technology and science seems to dominate, religion still plays a vital role in the society. Whether one person believes in God or not, the fact still remains that religious beliefs molds how a person is being perceived in a community…
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Download file to see previous pages Quoting Julian Baggini, “Atheism … it is the belief that there is no God or gods” (3). For others, those words are enough to distinguish an atheist from not. However, there are still those people who would dig deeper into the topic as there are broader and more profound understandings of the subject at hand. The above mentioned meaning or understanding of atheism can be referred as a childhood analogy or comprehension. Just by the mere acknowledgement of the word atheism brings out a very negative thought and conception. Nevertheless, there are always 2 sides in a story. This is a truth in all aspects even in the world of atheism. There is always the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, one cannot exist without the other. One needs the other to exist and it goes either way (7-8). Organized religion often set standards as to what one should and should not believe. This is often where the problem or misunderstanding starts. Though there are Sunday Schools and Bible camps where scriptures are explained, it is not enough that when people say that a person should believe it then it is the truth. A person still has a right to question things that concerns them. One can even say that an atheist is more inquisitive towards their faith as they would further divulge into information that conservatives would perceive as taboo since they are questioning the existence of a higher power or divine intervention. In this concept, there is a broader and untold fact which is accompanied in their refusal to believe in God. One can assume that atheists believe in the “what can be seen” (4-5). Also according to Baggani, “This brand of physicalism asserts that the only kind of stuff is physical stuff: there are no non-physical souls, spirits, or ideas. This is a version of physicalism that many, probably most, atheists can sign up to” (5). There is a thought or question that arises with this statement. Because there are still things which are intangible yet believed to true, an example of which is a thought or an idea that is still not expressed or enacted by a person. This is where Science enters the picture of spiritual belief. Two worlds are colliding within the vicinity of an atheist. In more than 2,000 years of documented principles, Science and Religion have never agreed in a singular idea. There would always be an argument between these 2 aspects. It is like what is fore mentioned, there are always 2 sides in a story. Throughout the years, there are still debates as to which is true and which is false between these 2 worlds. These debates are still on-going between their scholars even as this paper is being written. The difference between the two is that Science gives a more breathable room for scientists to explain their theories without the fear of being ex-communicated from the society or their church. Here, one can presume that Science has the broader mind between the two. Yet it does not mean that Science is better than Religion. This cannot be proven even in a million years. One can debate his whole life and dedicate his whole being trying to prove which is which yet in the end; there will always be questions that would end up in the vast space of blankness. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes a person believes in theories or principles being presented by both worlds yet the idea that something that starts in Science may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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