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Theists and atheists often debate whether the existence of God is relevant to ethics. Does morality require a theological foundation Take the position that mor - Essay Example

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It is not possible to have a sound foundation of ethical morality without believing in God. Godless morality is a fort of sand, which cannot stand the reason, arguments and facts. The atheist standpoint of morality without God has always been proved a fallacy of mistaken human intellect and could not stand the test of reasoning…
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Theists and atheists often debate whether the existence of God is relevant to ethics. Does morality require a theological foundation Take the position that mor
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Extract of sample "Theists and atheists often debate whether the existence of God is relevant to ethics. Does morality require a theological foundation Take the position that mor"

Download file to see previous pages Godless ethics and morality have left the hearts and minds of Russian people empty and void.
People, who believe that God is unnecessary, argue that morality is the basically the humanitarian issue that has to be resolved at the level of humanity. And that god should not come in between. Whereas, as a matter of fact, belief in God is the essence of ethics. These ethics are universal and bind the people in one rope of morality. God is one, whether this is Christianity (trinity), Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Judaism. All the divine and non-divine religions believe in the concept of one God, who commands the humanity for peace, tranquility, love and cordiality unto each other. All the principles of morality are derived from the belief in God, the day of resurrection, reward and punishment. In this world, no person can get enough rewards for his good moral deeds or punishment for his bad moral deeds. For instance, a man who kills 100 people can only be hanged once and the punishment ends. But in the day hereafter, the murderer will be punished for death, forever. A man, who invented aspirin medicine, has to be rewarded by God in haven, forever, and a worldly a cash prize cannot be enough reward.
Therefore, mundane rewards and punishments are not enough for the good and bad people in this world and all these things have to be left to God, the Day of Judgment, haven and hell. Friedrich Nietzsche theory, that God is dead and man is free from the metaphysical demands of God is itself dead. Because value of morality on the base of love for oneself could no more hold the ground. The later sages have already countered the arguments of Greek philosophers against God as giver of ethics and morality. "The truth is we have no reference point about morality except as God reveals it. For us to argue with the source of morality is for the clay to argue with the potter" (Timothy J. Madigan.1997). God is the creator and sustainer of all things. He has all the potency and ability to guide us in matters of morality. Human is bound to err and sin and he seldom knows what is good and what is bad. He has always a limited scope of reason (Rom. 7:18-21). God is the only universal and absolute origin of morality.
According to naturalists, the human being is born with ethical framework in his mind and heart. And they believe there is no further need to groom the human beings in morality on the basis of religion or any other theology. This point is not valid and historically, not proven. Morality on the foundations of religion has evolved over the centuries since unknown time. Man has been brutal, savage and untamed like any other beast in the forests. Religion has always been a source of guidance to him. This is the divine revelation that has always tamed him and removed cruelty, and incivility from his personality. Therefore, scientific naturalistic discourses cannot be an alternate source of morality for the human being. As the God cannot be proved through scientific discussion, therefore reliance on naturalists claim is counterproductive for source of guidance in morality and ethics.
Holy Bible has proved that man is born as a bare creature with human instincts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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