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Challening Role of Nurses - Essay Example

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Nurses have a challenging role in the delivery of health care and are required to be skilled and knowledgeable clinicians; one of the essential skills required of nurse clinicians is that of health assessment, including physical assessment
Nurses have a challenging role in the delivery of health care and are required to be skilled and knowledgeable clinicians; one of the essential skills required of nurse clinicians is that of health assessment, including physical assessment
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Challening Role of Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages There are three different models of assessment in vogue of which Roper et al's model is adopted in the study. By also having a review of few published case studies, it is has been demonstrated that nurses are indispensable and they should conduct themselves in a responsible manner failing which the whole health care delivery system would collapse. one of the essential skills required of nurse clinicians is that of health assessment, including physical assessment. The nurses' role care of care starts from putting the patients and family members at ease on arrival and immediately beginning her health and physical assessment of the patient along with information provided by family members and past records of medical history. The Nurses should adopt a holistic approach as if they are one of the members of the community in delivering health care
Nurses have a challenging role in the delivery of health care and are required to be skilled and knowledgeable clinicians; one of the essential skills required of nurse clinicians is that of health a...
They undergo minimum three years of graduation like any other profession requires before they can practice as an indispensable link between doctors and patients. They are the first point of care in the absence of doctors and even in their presence. In fact nurse is a mini-doctor. Doctors look up on nurses as valuable source of information about the patients and expect them to fill the vacuum between the doctors and patients in their health care delivery to patients as the doctors can not be always be at the latter's bedside.
Besides, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), U.K. established in April 2002 has stipulated standards of proficiency for nurses which have come into force from 1 August 2004. Some of important standards of proficiency for nursing students prescribed by the NMC are that they should practice within legal and ethical limits keeping in view the patient's welfare, that they should not practice in a discriminatory manner between individuals and interest groups, that they should establish therapeutic relationships and withdraw from them appropriately, and that they should document the assessment of the patients systematically and accurately. (NMC)
Health Assessment
Basically an assessment of health involves collection of data and arriving at a judgement of status of a person's health, requirements, desires to serve as guide for future course of treatment.(Heath 2000) Nursing process starts with the said assessment. When the nurse meets the patient on being admitted to a hospital, visiting a clinic or at the patient's residence, she gathers information of the patient to decide on a care delivery. The assessment may be even conducted on day to day basis to monitor improvement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Challening Role of Nurses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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