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CORE NURSING COMPETENCIES Name:- Institution: Nursing has always been an admired career by very many people. Nursing involves a lot of responsibilities, psychologically, physically and emotionally. The nurse is given the human being at its most vulnerable state of illness and required to take care of it (Daly, 2005)…
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Core nursing competencies
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Download file to see previous pages They are, providing patient focused care. The nurse should have the patient as the center of their attention in providing fully fledged care and attention. A patient is the main reason for the existence of the nursing occupation anyway. Therefore it is the role of the nurse to provide ultimate care to the patient without diverging interest. The second competency involves being able to work in interdisciplinary groups. This competency requires respect among workers which is one of the provisions in the ANA code of ethics. Interdisciplinary workers come from different departments in the health care system who work together to provide health care services. All the professionals in healthcare work together to attend to the patient’s needs and meet effective patient care results. The third competency is using evidence based practice. This requires knowledge of processes and procedures in handling patients well enough. Methods of handling patients should be established so as to identify the methods that suit patients most. The third competency involves utilizing quality improvement. Multiple strategies get used in order to maximize the use of resources in serving patients. This should aim at making quality improvement effective. The best research strategies get utilized, clinical expertise are not disregarded and patient values to make patient care decisions. The fifth competency is use of informatics. This involves error reduction, good management of information as well as knowledge, decision making and communication. Nursing from a health care perspective looks at the many challenges that nurse’s face in their work. Most nurses can relate to stories of victimization at their workplaces (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Form the interviews of nurses on their experiences as nurses, it is right to conclude that it is an occupation that contains a lot of challenges to face. Some of the challenges in the nursing profession include the media’s negative image, challenges in nursing recruitment as well as retention, workplace culture and education. There have claims that nursing education theory differs from the practical work. Nursing is also disconnected from other spheres of influence in other areas of study. There is poor communication with other disciplines as stated. This creates a gap between nursing and other disciplines that could contribute to the efficiency of nursing. These other disciplines offer unique perspectives that could offer interprofessionalism. Health care safety remains a key matter in the profession. Safe practice with all people the nurses come in contact with improves communication with them. It also involves the nurse’s ability to think critically and apply the knowledge they have gained (American Holistic Nursing Association, 2012). They put their skills best in use and use their general wisdom in providing their service. Victimization, powerlessness and the inability to achieve things in the nursing profession has been a hurdle needed to be overcome. This has resulted in the undermining of the nursing profession. Many get external information that nursing is a hard and challenging job that would not be as satisfying. Nurses in the profession already get leveled at a lower status than other professions. It would not be because health care is undermined but how people perceive nurses. As This results to fewer people having the interest to become nurses. Nurses in colleges do not get enough preparation on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Core Nursing Competencies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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