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What Role Can Nurses Play in Treating Hypertension - Essay Example

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The role of nurses has been unrecognized in the past in relation to hypertension. With time more and more evidence is suggesting that nurses can do more than measure blood pressure…
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What Role Can Nurses Play in Treating Hypertension
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Download file to see previous pages The literature review looks at some past and recent articles and studies that have specifically explored the role of nurses in the care of hypertension and how this role can evolve to provide an overall healthcare provision.

Hypertension is one of the most prevalent conditions that afflict Americans. Sad though it is, what is more disturbing is the fact that a majority of the American population is unaware of their own condition. This puts such individuals in a high risk position. Hypertension does not only lead to increased risks of complications, but also increases the number of visits to the healthcare facilities, leading to loss of time, money and resources. The amount and manpower that the current health care facilities bear in treating cases of hypertension or cases related to or complicated by hypertension are enormous. With time, there is more awareness about methods to prevent, and properly manage cases of hypertension. Early diagnosis of conditions along with prevention of their complications is now one of the main priorities of the health department.

Time has shown many changes and trends that have taken place in the approach for treating hypertension in the United States. The figures and statistics are promising. Studies have shown a gradual decrease in the prevalence of hypertension in the USA since the 70s, with more signs of further regression. These results have been obtained due to increased awareness, better and affordable treatment and more control over the understanding of its various physiological processes. (Burt, 1995)
The nurses are perhaps the only health care personnel who come in most contact with hypertensive patients. Most of the new cases of hypertensive patients are diagnosed in ambulatory health care visits. Blood pressure readings are taken as a standard protocol in any of the doctor's or other healthcare professional's visit. It is easy to see why the chances of diagnosis of hypertension in a clinical environment and by a nurse are increased. Similarly, during the different in hospital stays and procedures, the regulation and monitoring of blood pressure is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of a nurse.
This becomes all the more important in cases who are known to have high blood pressures, are admitted in the hospital due to a complication of hypertension, any co-morbid conditions or diseases, or due to any surgery that has taken place. The nurses keep check and record and up to date monitoring of the patient's vitals in all of the phases of treatment. They are also responsible to keep check on the follow ups of the patient and inform accordingly should the need arise.
From the abovec in preventing complications due to hypertension is large and necessary. It is also therefore understood how a properly trained staff can help and assist in timely notification and treatment of untoward situations. Nurses are the key players in handling patients with all kinds of hypertension. Therefore, to ensure their proper working and efficiency, we must be able to critically analyze the performances given by the profession.
The review aims to look at different studies and articles that focus on the important contributory role that nurses have played and continue to do so in caring for patients with hypertension. It will look at the different challenges that face nurses providing care to hypertensive pati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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