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The standards are important because they give a framework to teachers and staff alike as to what their students should know by the end of each grade. Each standard sets forth what a student should know by the end of the grades, or at the end of a grade cluster in the high grade levels…
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English Language Content Standards
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The standards are important because they give a framework to teachers and staff alike as to what their should know by the end of each grade.Each standard sets forth what a student should know by the end of the grades, or at the end of a grade cluster in the high grade levels. And, in compliance with all of the laws these standards have been set up, and they are to begin being monitored by 2001. They also give ways for teachers to asses and monitor the progress students make on each of these standards, and they offer paths for teachers to help students all reach their own levels of mastery and success. They will also address how to give a full curriculum, and has focus of areas of students that may need extra help to reach the standards.
These standards are part of an essential discipline because it has become essential to communicate fluently in English. Language tools are needed to be able to openly communicate with other people, as well as to express you won ideas and though processes. The standards will help students learn the tempo and structure of language in their early years, until they are able to master vocabulary, expression, and the ability to gather evidence to support an idea. Studies show that children who fall behind in reading have a small chance of catching up, so it is crucial to help engrain these ideas and skills as early as possible inside of the education system. Also, though literature students are able to learn just as much about history as they would about the time period of the writing, and this benefits them in both ways. Students should be able to read a vast source of materials that benefit not only their English training, but also their history, math, social science, science, and government classes as well.
Students must able read a vast range of texts in order to help them gain the understanding of them, and to also try out best to instill into them a love for reading, so that they may one day gain pleasure in this simple act. They must start with the basics, and from there learn the writing essentials to be able to read and write effectively. All participation in society requires these skills, and we must do our best to get all students these basic reading, writing, and comprehension skills needed to be a vital part of society.
And last, but nowhere near least, students must also be confident speakers and thoughtful listeners. The ability to be able to speak your ideas effectively is needed in almost any job of any type, and is a skill that most people need to survive in today's world. Students should be able to construct arguments based around their own ideas, and be able to read, understand, and discuss literature in an insightful way. Read More
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English Language Content Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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