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American Idea - Essay Example

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According to Sam B. Girgus, "A former Rock-efeller Humanities Fellow and Fulbright Fellow, he is author of The Law of the Heart: Individualism and the Modern Self in American Litera- ture; The New Covenant: Jewish Writers and the American Idea;Desire and the Political Unconscious in American Literature; and most recently, The Films of Woody Allen…
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American Idea
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Extract of sample "American Idea"

Download file to see previous pages This disposable culture is the latest and greatest American contribution to history. But it is also true that it does not provide any alternative form of storage. This has led to a lot of instability. Consider finding a library under the earth due to some natural calamity, we could still have access to the books once the repairs are done but what would be the state of the computer related memory storage systems such as memory sticks,CDs etc.We will have absolutely no access to these regardless of how much storage space they hold.
If any one has committed any wrong act, the person is punished. And hence there is justice for all. But in spite of this rule, there have been so many loop holes and there have been instances where evil minded people, smugglers and other criminals who get away with their wrong doings.
Independence/freedom is the core value which is given most importance in this world. Everyone wants freedom and independence which is good and will definitely boost up ones positive attitude. But this freedom is also misused in several ways. Children who are so young become victims to so many criminal activities such as taking drugs, becoming alcoholics or chain smokers which are very harmful to health all just because they have the freedom to do what they want. It fosters an excessive individualism, an unfettered reliance on markets, and an unrelenting distrust of government - each of which impedes our capacity to address urgent societal problems.
We adapt to change while remaining anchored to core values. Change is inevitable and people believe it only because of adapting to change we have grown so far. And America leads the way here as well.Globalization, terrorism, resource scarcity, consumerism and technological advances are among the forces that test economical and political institutions and our values. An information free-for-all makes it hard to discover truth and distinguish between the significant and the trivial. And hence a bunch of fighters arise over a bunch of people who should fell like one big family and work towards destroying the world rather than creating harmony.
The biggest challenge facing the American idea is how to anchor enduring values in this time of rapid and discordant change. Religious and cultural norms of a simpler past seem unable to secure shared values in the complex present.
It is certainly very difficult to find a place characterized by justice and freedom, but if the future has to be better than what it's been all this while, America must be the role model for the rest of the world. As regards moral leadership, America stands first in helping and leading her own country and also some of the other suffering countries. This idea may not be true in every sense but we must strive towards the achievement of the same as it is the only hope for freedom in the world which every human being strives for at the end of the day. America means development, liberty, justice and equal opportunity for all. And hence this idea of America should be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American Idea Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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