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Forces for expansion of Atlantic world and relation to North American colonial history - Essay Example

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What happened to the new America can be presented by the educated scholars as “new world” and which became known as the “Atlantic world.” The concept of the “Atlantic world” can be laid emphasis on the relationships and exchanges that are found between the countries in the west of Europe…
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Forces for expansion of Atlantic world and relation to North American colonial history
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Forces for expansion of Atlantic world and relation to North American colonial history

Download file to see previous pages... The avenues created by the so launched project created the pathways for the Europeans to migrate into the Americas right from the sixteenth century, they then fought and defeated the native populations and even went to an extent to ensure they were extinct by devouring them completely. These were facilitated by the need for these populations to create and establish European agricultural and urban settlement schemes. Furthermore, the European powers were driven by the urge to impose upon the subjects’ rules and regulations on commerce and trade, land owning and the general political life (Linebaugh, Peter, and Marcus 2000 pg.43). These are the fundamental factors that lead to the transformation of the old world according to the historical fundamentals into the so called new world and hence the Atlantic world.
The creation of the Atlantic world was also characterized by the creation of the empires. These were facilitated by the urge and zeal by which commerce and trade was expanding from Europe to America. Other factors being the movement of the population for religious freedom, escape from oppression, adventure with the largest majority of the Europeans moving in search of economic empowerment through the search for economic opportunities (Linebaugh, Peter, and Marcus 2000 pg.67). Therefore, the Europeans immigrants in America attained their settlements through a connection between Europe and America as a result of trade or commerce; this is evident due to the yearly growth in commerce both extensively and in a quite complex manner. These also intensified with the sharp increase in demand for labor in the new world characterized by commerce fueling expansion of trade hence increased migration from the old world to the new world. Increased commerce also became the cause of the increase in slavery in the Americas hence the growth in slave trade between the European America and Africa and these draws us to the fact that the Atlantic world was not only inclusion of the Europe and America but also Africa (Linebaugh, Peter, and Marcus 2000 pg.93). The other major factor that was binding to the Atlantic world is religion. The majority of the American settlers carried their Christian religions from Europe which they maintained. While the Catholics maintained their close ties to the Vatican in Rome where they originated, the Protestants who were the majority in North America were closely linked to their European counterparts. Religion through new ideas and movement spread across the Atlantic like bushfire resulting into the movement of the great revival of the into America, it is important to note that the ideas and movements we are talking about originated from Europe. For example, the great evangelist George Whitefield propelled the movement of the “Great Awakening” form great Britain to America in quite a large chunk. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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