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The paper gives detailed information about American exceptionalism and the way it has influenced US domestic policies and US international policies. The author has taken as an example the influence on westward expansion, US-Indian Relations, North-South relations, US-world relations and US democracy…
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American Exceptionalism
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"American Exceptionalism"

Download file to see previous pages The untold story of America is bit different as America was founded upon the principles of freedom. America’s tradition to build upon opportunity has been the pinnacle point that has made it exceptional over the years. Undoubtedly, it is also one of the key characteristics that has made individuals all across the world to migrate to America. A country where opportunities are prevalent and individualism is propagated is truly an element that makes this country exceptional. It is clear that USA has played a major role in many elements, both domestically and internationally that has allowed it to be an influential country. Issues such as westward expanionism, racism, reformation, industrial revolution are just few aspects that resulted because of American Exceptionalism. Hence, America continues to be exceptional because of the opportunities, firm belief in changing status quo, and diversity that it has celebrated over the centuries.One of the key reasons why America is exceptional is because America is perceived as the “Golden land of opportunity,” many immigrants come to America for a better future. Without a doubt, many individuals immigrate to America because it allows them to harness their growth. The idea of obtaining their own version of American dream through “life, liberty and property” is a concept that makes America so unique. The true version of living the American dream can certainly become a reality for these individuals. Individuals are motivated to work hard for themselves to progress further in life. This mutual symbiotic relationship between the citizen and the nation itself is truly exceptional. Unlike other countries which continue to emphasize the well-being of the nation, Americans pride themselves in being “individualistic.” This theology has been the pinnacle point of what makes America truly unique and fueled westward expansion. America became the symbolism of pure individualism chasing the “green power.” In addition, the expansionst movement also represents that of the quest for the “American Dream” that the new immigrants desired when they reached the “promise land” In essence, Looking at America back in the 1800’s, the westward expansionism was because of the young nation’s desire to expand its horizons. It was an accumulation of greed, individualistic American dreams, and a young nation’s desire to be in conquest. It was evident that this was attained within the American mentality at that time. American Exceptionalism influenced US domestic policies in many ways. First and foremost, it has made America a true super power because it has allowed America to focus within itself. Because of the US involvement in world affairs, the crackdown on terrorism has been a very provocative one1.Without the American involvement, the birth of United Nations would have never been initiated. This itself is a huge testament to how American involvement has been a focal point in world affairs. The initiation of the United Nations is just one example of American influence in world affairs. The United Nations is a collaborative effort that has allowed the nations to put aside their differences and come up with a joint body of resolution. Although the United Nations was an anti-measure of American principles during the 1930’s, it showed that American mentality was flexible and circumstantial. America was ready to change its philosophy based on the circumstances it faced with. This mentality was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American exceptionalism
...adopted a soft socialist strategy that sought to combine comprehensive government regulation of private businesses with a steadily enlarging public sector (Kurtz, 356). The increased governmental role is underpinned by the distinct attitude called Americanexceptionalism.” America has assumed itself a special role, purpose and destiny – that of a special country or that of being exceptional one. This is particularly dominant in the American political culture. Exceptionalism built the idea that the government, the law and how political and government institutions operate are also exceptional and that it can intervene in society and in the economy for the sake of public...
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...The Origins of American Exceptionalism Exceptionalism refers to the perception that a society, country, or a movement is exceptional, and therefore does not need to follow the normal general principles or rules. Exceptional country considers itself distinct from and often superior to others in vital ways. Therefore American exceptional is a theory that United States is a qualitatively different country from others. This is rooted from revolution when America became a new nation and developed uniquely its ideology based on liberty, individualism, and populism. There are a number of arguments that have been developed that aims at explaining the history of the...
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History - American Exceptionalism
...? American Exceptionalism American exceptionalism, in ical fashion, can be considered as the special characteristic of the United States: an exceptionally free nation footed on democratic philosophies and personal autonomy. As Heiss points out, it is often identified as inferring from the ideals of American political establishments founded during the 1775-1790 period, such as the declaration of independence (1776), revolution (1776-83), and constitution (1787). It is noticeable that American exceptionalism evolved around the “revolution” and its consequential freedom of the US from British control. From historical facts we find that American exceptionalism was tangled with convoluted and often ambiguous set of assumptions... as it is...
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Origins of the idea of american Exceptionalismin history. and give many examples from the book uncle tom's cabin(first publ
... American exceptionalism Alexis de Tocqueville first referred to the United s as exception in 1831 and later inn 1840. They used the phrase to imply that the American industrial capacity, natural resources and the evident absence of the class distinctions had succeeded in making America free from Marxist laws. The concept of American exceptionalism thus originates from his portrayal of America as different from other states throughout the world as it becomes the first new nation thus building the unique ideology of Americanism that relies on the principles of liberty. Throughout the history of the nation, the country experienced unique historical occurrences, which sustained the concept of exceptionalism as most of the historical... ...
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Magazine Exceptionalism
...of the of the Concerned 16 January Journalism, Media and Publishing The concept of Magazine Exceptionalism is based on the premise that magazines unlike other media forms are unique, peculiar and proactive. Magazines as a media genre share a two-way relationship with the society. In fact, David Abrahamson believes that magazines are more vibrant and responsive media forms as compared to other media forms like newspapers, broadcasting and online media (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). For Instance, the newspapers practice a fact driven form of journalism and broadcasted media merely tend to portray and present the salient social norms, unlike magazines (Tim Holmes ed. 2008). On the contrary, magazines not only stand to be important...
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American Exceptionalism
...American Exceptionalism Abstract The basic idea for the research of the paper is to evaluate the idea of American exceptionalism and consider its importance for understanding the contemporary USA. Introduction America is the dominant state all over the world. Because of its dominance researchers give it a name “American Exceptionalism”. Alexis de Tocqueville is the first who gave this idea in his book called “Democracy in America”. The word Exceptional is mainly used in the term of describing a state which have something different from others and have dominance over others. "...qualitatively different from all other...
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American Exceptionalism
...20 June 2008 Exceptionalism One of the most important forms of the argument for America's exceptionalism contends that Americans' national and political values are exceptional. Throughout the history, American government has followed autonomous and independent international politics which influenced its national politics and led to such phenomenon as exceptionalism. This phenomenon is based on the idea that American nation follows international politics which differs from other nations. It is possible to say that American exceptionalism is a result of its historical development and independent...
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America Exceptionalism
... Thesis ment: American exceptionalism has both the good side and the bad side. Harold Hongju Koh presents a very strong argument on the four faces of the American exceptionalism faulting the exceptional views of the nation as contributing factors that result in human rights problems. Ted Bromund presents his defense on American exceptionalism, emphasizing on the history of the nation and its scholars, as well as the political and justice system in the nation. Facts presented indicate that American exceptionalism has both good and bad qualities, considering the fact that these statement comes from a former government official. Enthusiasts of the myth of American exceptionalism need a radical change on the conception of the nation... and the...
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Texas Exceptionalism
... and racist. The people of Texas have always viewed themselves as superior to other people (Nackman 87). They believe that they are exceptional people who have amazing powers and were intended to establish an original country. Therefore, the early Settlers, commonly referred to as Anglo settlers are the ones who created Texas exceptionalism. Works Cited Nackman, Mark E.. A nation within a nation: the rise of Texas nationalism. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat Press, 1975. Print.... From the dictionary, the word exceptional is normally defined as unusual or outstanding. This definition normally looks on the good side of something. How unusually good something is. In this context, the word exceptional will be looked at in the negative...
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The End of American Exceptionalism
...The End of American Exceptionalism Q 1. Both Tiger Woods and Barack Obama are outstanding personalities who exhibit global influence. They both command a following and love from the world community from different perspectives. Tiger is a renowned athlete while Obama is an excellent leader. They both trace their citizenship to the world’s perceived super power nation – the United States of America. While Woods became the richest athlete in the world’s athletic history, Obama became one of the most respected leaders in the world, commanding influence owing to his unmatched eloquence in the 21st century. However, Woods tainted his reputation and that of his country despite the global respect that he had...
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