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What is the Difference in Customer Service Communication between Hong Kong and Australia in Clothing and Accessories Retail Industry - Essay Example

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This study aims to find the differences in sales personnel non-verbal communication between Hong Kong and Australian clothes and accessories shops. Sales personnel and their customers were observed as they deal with each other during sales process…
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What is the Difference in Customer Service Communication between Hong Kong and Australia in Clothing and Accessories Retail Industry
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Extract of sample "What is the Difference in Customer Service Communication between Hong Kong and Australia in Clothing and Accessories Retail Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Sales personnel and their customers were observed as they deal with each other during the sales process. Likewise, a survey was also conducted to support the observations. It was found out that Hong Kong sales personnel rush to close a deal while Australians take their time. During closing time, their Australian counterparts rush to go out of work premises while Hong Kong personnel tend to stay behind and close more deals. Likewise, when it comes to expression, smile is frequently used by Hong Kong sales ladies, while a regular distance when standing was observable among Australian staff. These differences are necessary to provide an insight in dealing with sales personnel from different countries or culture.

The topic of this research is to find three main differences in customer service communication between Hong Kong and Australia in clothing and accessories retail industry. It will try to establish that there are unique practices among retail or sales personnel when it comes to handling customer needs or requests when purchasing at clothing or accessories retail shops in Hong Kong and in Australia.
This research will describe the differences in the three main elements of non-verbal communications that shall deal with kinesics, chronemics, and expression (Darn, 2005) when interacting with customers.
Kinesics pertains to body, facial, hand and arm movements that are used to communicate and the scientific study pertaining to it. Chronemics pertain to the sense of time as in punctuality and the studies that surrounds it. And expression pertains to the facial condition that represents the human emotion.
1.4. Background and Literature Review
It has been acknowledged that there are generally accepted non-verbal communication understood cross-culturally (Shen, 1996). As for retail shops, service quality perception (Smith, Boton and Wagner, 1999) give importance on the communication process of which sales personnel deal with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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