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Cotton On - Assignment Example

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This paper will explore the marketing opportunities it can tap in order to reinvent its image to a flexible label that is essential to every fashion genre. For creating understanding regarding Cotton On’s operations and the environment for its business activities will be analyzed in detail…
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Cotton On
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Download file to see previous pages Internal analysis will also discuss the strategies adopted for attaining growth within the segment in coming years and how marketing mix has helped it to be different from its competitors. Cotton On’s target segment and its marketing strategies to promote products will also be discussed. External environment for Cotton On’s business activities will be discussed in a separate section. For analyzing the external environment, SWOT analysis will be utilized to understand the strengths and weakness as well as opportunities and threats coming from competitors’ business activities will also be analyzed. In addition, the surrounding environment, which includes the domestic and global market situation for the company, its size and the consumers of Cotton On’s products, will be assessed. The results derived from internal and external analysis of business environment for Cotton On will be utilized in the next stage to develop a set of objectives for the marketing of company’s products. These objectives will help further to develop marketing strategies which includes the selection of market segment and positioning of the brand. The suggested marketing objectives and strategies will be supported with the action plan, identification of individuals who are responsible to implement it, time schedule, and budgeting and performance analysis measures. Introduction Cotton On is one of the few organically Australian ready-to-wear (RTW) fashion label. Fairly young in the industry at less than 30 years old, they now have shops all over Australia, New Zealand, and America. It has uniquely mirrored the same image that Australia has project all over the world, relax, simple and comfortable. Its primary target is the youth, 15-30, who feels wants a simple no-nonsense style...
The intention of this study is Cotton On as one of the few organically Australian ready-to-wear (RTW) fashion label. Fairly young in the industry at less than 30 years old, they now have shops all over Australia, New Zealand, and America. It has uniquely mirrored the same image that Australia has project all over the world, relax, simple and comfortable. Its primary target is the youth, 15-30, who feels wants a simple no-nonsense style that is flexible yet fashionable. Through the years, there has been constant effort from the brand to reinforce their image through TV commercials, print ads, and out-of-home advertisements. However, the fashion industry has witnessed an incredible shift of media consumption from traditional to digital. Many of these digital adaptors belong to the same target market that Cotton On caters to, young from the broad C. Many businesses have taken advantage of this by, early on, exerting the same effort digitally as they do above the line. Unfortunately, Cotton On came in late. They, in fact, established their online store less than three years ago. Outside of the online store, very little effort has been exerted to utilize the digital media to reach the Cotton On target market. This lack of digital presence resulted to one of the biggest digital scandal in the business world when facebook members started spreading complaints and protests against Cotton On Children’s line. The protest claimed that Cotton On’s pieces contained “disrespectful” messages. Cotton On reacted late and not without considerable damage to the brand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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