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Childhood eating disorders - Essay Example

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A Childhood Eating Disorder is now a medical dysfunction that is recognized to be a problem becoming more prevalent among the youth, especially those in the age range of 6-11 years of age. This research focuses on many different aspects in behind the causation of this disorder…
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Childhood eating disorders
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"Childhood eating disorders"

Download file to see previous pages The key points found within this research, in regards to this underlying problem, details other causative factors such as socialization, educational, depressive states, personality traits, and a myriad of other complex, and hidden causes perpetuating upon the main problem, which is the eating disorder itself. The point of this research was to try and bring more concise facts into the reasons this disorder has become a growing concern in the medical field today. The ways in which it could be prevented and controlled are all touched upon as well. The ultimate point that was clarified in concluding this research was the fact that more attention to the signs and characteristics of eating disorders among children needed to be focused on, in order to ensure youths have an emotionally balanced and productive life in the best way possible.
Childhood Eating Disorders do not appear out of thin air. There is always an underlying cause for this type of disorder among children and it could be from any number of things. Many doctors believe that there are multideterminants to diagnosing an eating disorder among children. As has been mentioned, there are a number of causative factors that can be held responsible. One of these happens to be the occurrence of sexual abuse. Oddly enough, this type of traumatic episode can lead children to turning to food as an escape. The only thing this does is mask the much larger problem, as well as leading to health complications (Petrie, Tripp 2001).
What has been pinpointed in the correlation between sexual abuse and the development of an eating disorder is the fact that when children are sexually abused they develop a self-perception that is filled with negativities. They perceive their body image as a negative thing, their self-esteem lowers, and more than anything else they become embarrassed and ashamed of their own bodies. Food is simply a comforting experience for them and they use it to conceal their other emotions away from their peers, family, and the doctors treating them. Periods of severe domestic violence harshly impact a child's chance at a normal life, especially in their control over their eating habits. As with sexual abuse, children who are beaten are statistically shown to use foods as a type of sheltering avoidance of their circumstances (Salisbury & Wichman 2004). Children between the ages of 6-12 struggle constantly with anxiety, mood swings, and eating disorders. They get headaches, stomachaches, can't concentrate, and develop a very passive characteristic about their life in general (Salisbury & Wichmann 2004). Food is their reprieve, their escape away from reality. Early intervention into situations such as these can prevent these occurrences from happening. Nevertheless, these are not the sole causal factors of the development and progression of an eating disorder among young people. Some of the other possibilities that lead to this particular disorder are, social, cultural, developmental, psychological, and physical/physiological causative reasoning (Petrie, Tripp 2001).
In a social context the problem is centered basically around the concept of thin is beautiful, and this especially impacts young girls. They go on crazy diets, some to the point of starvation just to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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