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The Slum - Essay Example

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Dwelling in slums is an experience most of us don't want to have. But there was a lot to learn about it and the difficulties the dwellers face and the discrimination they receive from others. Even the people who offer services like doctors, lawyers will show difference in treating them…
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The Slum
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Extract of sample "The Slum"

Download file to see previous pages That experience was horrible and embarrassing for any lady and these types of experiences were common for slum dwellers. The experiences of the slum dwellers will shock the readers and make them feel shame. They will a world apart, a beleaguered service sector, work force that surrounds new economy, which remains feeling bad about the unmet needs and desires. The health of those people should be taken care by some others like social service organizations or by the governments as they don't have enough money to spend lavishly on quality health services. Most of the medical facilities which are available with five star facilities and costly were just a dream for the people living in slums. The way the doctors, nurses and midwives deal with patients resemble class politics. Though some of nurses and midwives were part of the slums they treat their co dwellers as second grade citizens. The difference that has been shown and being shown was a result of the discrimination shown by the people who employ them.
The homes of the people in the slums are not comfortable, forget about spaciousness. The myriad physical activities between the adults during night will not have any privacy and there is very much chance of exposed to children. This makes both adults and children psychologically depressed. This depression results in pessimism in many people and determination in only a few of people. So majority of the slum dwellers do not enjoy or achieve much in their life. If one or two achieve their stories will be an example to study. This shows that success is not common in slums as it was in other areas. The main reason for this is not only the psychological depression caused due to living in uncomfortable houses but also the economical inability to join their children in the schools that offer quality education. The schools which accommodate slum children do not have qualified teachers or a play ground for the children to play. The class rooms can be considered as prison type and the children will feel quarantined rather than getting a learning experience. All the twenty four hours in the day will make the children to feel discomfort in one or the other way. The lack of satisfaction in them makes them vulnerable for various temptations of wrong doings. Majority of the children grow as youngsters to be attracted towards the illegal activities or towards the low wage jobs. This makes them again living in slums. Only the candidates who are meritorious congenitally will thrive in the education and get scholarships or lift in the society.
The income of those people will hardly meet with the expenses of the comforts. When they go out they look for the facility which will give less expenditure. They do not bother about the comforts or in one sense they invite discomfort for the sake of saving money. They prefer to stay in the car or a bus for the night instead of taking a room in the hotel when they are outdoors. This is due to their financial inability to meet the expenses of both boarding and lodging when they go out. If one is met the other must be sacrificed. Generally they choose for meeting the boarding expenses and just adjust with the lodging facilities.
The people in urban slums live in a type of settlement environment. This makes them insecure as they are supposed to evict at any time. The housing is not durable and precarious. As more number of people live in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Slum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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