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One need not be a history buff to understand this piece. Dee Brown compassionately tells us with grisly detail the sufferings of disenfranchised Indians who were forced to abandon their homes at the hands of white men. In this manipulative game of politics and elections Brown convincing demonstrates that the Indians did not leave…
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Trail of Tears
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Trail of Tears One need not be a history buff to understand this piece. Dee Brown compassionately tells us with grisly detail the sufferings of disenfranchised Indians who were forced to abandon their homes at the hands of white men. In this manipulative game of politics and elections Brown convincing demonstrates that the Indians did not leave. Rather they were displaced by Jackson's enforcers. The Cherokee were brutally forced to walk on foot or rode their horses. Their journey started from the mouth of the Hiawassee in Tennessee across the Cumberland Plateau to McMinnville and then north to Nashville where they crossed the Cumberland River. Their journey did not end there. Next, they followed an old trail to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and continued to the Ohio River. From there they began crossing into southern Illinois near the mouth of the Cumberland. The death suffered by this innocent nation is staggering. One of every 4 Cherokee died on this forced journey. The journey was named the "trail of tears" because of all the death experienced and witnessed by the Cherokee.
Perhaps the most compelling part of this piece was the story of Tsali. Tsali made the ultimate sacrifice. Knowing full well that he would be killed, he fought back and ultimately surrendered after killing two men. Indeed, he was a hero. His story is one that this piece takes pride in without over stating the point. Whether we wish to or not, we are forced to visualize this period through the prose presented by Brown. She allows the reader to understand that the "Trail of tears" is not just a hokey title to some sad group. It was an atrocity that made that trail and we ought to know it and know it well. Read More
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