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Clinical Practice - Essay Example

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It has always been a practice of clinical practice to look for designs and methods of study that assure greater reliability and applicability. The competitions between different available means of study designs have always been won with great success by randomized controlled trail…
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Clinical Practice Essay
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"Clinical Practice"

Download file to see previous pages However, since the origin of respect for randmised-controlled trials was from the scientific mind, we hold the ground to even question, challenge, and compare its efficiency of providing a quality data with other seemingly better research methods. This does not mean that we disagree with the substantial standing of randomized controlled trials, but it exposes that we are always on the look of further improvement. In the present essay, we present an essential comparison between randomized controlled trials and phenomenological research in the practice of clinical practice. We begin with the essay by introducing good clinical practice, randomized controlled trials, and phenomenological research. Later we compare and contrast the randomized control trial and the phenomenological approach to research and their potential relevance to clinical practice
Strict adherence to the set of rules and regulations provided by International Conference on Harmonization constitutes a good clinical practice. It is important to note that International Conference on Harmonization is an international body that regulates clinical trials involving human subjects.
Good clinical practice guidelines include regulations on how clinical trials are required to be performed, the roles and responsibilities that are essential for following by the clinical research investigators, clinical research associates, and clinical trial sponsors.
Randomized Controlled Trail
A randomized controlled trial can be defined as a form of scientific procedure used in the study or testing of the efficacy of medicine or medical procedures. Thus, randomized controlled trials efficiently add to the existent scientific knowledge about therapy and therapeutic agents (Lei, 1991; Rohatiner, 2001). It is also essential to consider that a randomized controlled trial is the most reliable form of scientific evidence. This is because of its potential to eliminate a variety of biases that hold the disadvantage of providing comparatively lower quality of research results.
The pharmaceutical industries hold a potential need to convince the physicians and the patients about the activity of a therapeutic agent. Thus, confirmation is a must and an essential step in the sale of the medicine. The sale of a medicine can thus be enhanced to still a greater level by projecting even better study responses about the drug. This certainly demands a greater contribution of research of higher quality. Thus, a randomized controlled trial finds its unique place in helping promote a therapeutic agent and thereby enhancing its sale.

It is also essential to note here that non-randomized controlled trails are many a times difficult to interpret. This difficulty in interpretation can be considered to be of presence because of the difference in the control and intervention group. And also presents a sometimes-distinct difference in the prevalence of prognostic factors, such as age, sex, other illnesses. Thus, random allocation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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